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03-27-2015, 09:32 AM

Join Producer Merv "Khrolan" Lee Kwai, Associate Producer Amanda "Amary" Fry, and Senior Community Relations Manager Evan "Scapes" Berman on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel (http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds) for our next ArcheAge community Q&A livestream.

In this format, we address the game topics proposed in this thread as well as popular threads from the official forums. We'll also field follow-up and additional questions from the livestream chat. Got a question for the team? Post it in this forum thread!

ArcheAge Q&A Livestream
Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds
Start Time: Friday, March 27 at 2:30 PM PDT
Duration: 45 minutes

03-27-2015, 09:37 AM
With the emphasis of 1.7a being Naval advances...

Will 1.7a include the Auroria Fellowship Packs ? (ie Heedmar Softened Fabric)
The only way to trade these is via transport over the seas and thus would be a good creator of naval content.

03-27-2015, 09:41 AM
any plans on putting worker pots on generell npc or change the price of loyal/credits in store?

50k artistry title any plans on that?

Macharani and cheese
03-27-2015, 09:43 AM

Are there any plans to add any other rankings besides Arena and Fishing? If so what and when would they be?

Are there any plans to improve the dye system?

03-27-2015, 09:45 AM
when Design Timber Coupe will arrive ? and the car will be better than others?

i need one :)

03-27-2015, 09:45 AM
Any idea if Songcraft's Ode to Recovery skill will get its mana regen back? or maybe reimplemented for NA servers? Even if at flute level regen.


03-27-2015, 09:49 AM
when the black Pegasus will come out and do you plan to give back the skill to the Pegasus that is right now useless?

03-27-2015, 09:49 AM

1) Until when are the Celestial Archeum Supply Chests going to be in the marketplace?

Could you give us updates on:

1) Additional purchasable items via vocation badges to make it more appealing.

2) Is the animation cancelling exploit being worked on?

3) Why do we see cheaters (AH bots, farming bots, purse farming bots, mods and macros) remain rampant? Instead of decreasing in numbers, they are again increasing.
- While people see them bringing benefits such as farming archeum for crafters to use, they are the reason why the drop rates are so low.
- We constantly see bots with patron status, which more than likely they use APEX for, so they take away APEX from the market which would have been available for more legitimate players to use.
- Reporting and banning is a band aid approach. The problem is still there. Do you have any plans on further aggressively focusing on these cheaters?

4) People who get banned appeal many times to different GMs, expecting different results. Which in some cases do happen. Will you be clamping down on people who abuse live support and appeals?

5) I like how we're going to be able to access the auction house from anywhere. Though this also allows AH bots to do the same, pretty much enabling them to hide just about anywhere. I've been able to help get rid of some AH bots by reporting in game. By adding a UI that's accessible anywhere will completely prevent players from reporting AH bots. Will there be anything done about this?

6) Will the workbench associated with this event be left even after the event ends? So that those who don't have an auroria cape can still combine it once they do get one?

7) Need more uses for worms and hay bales, so that farming seed bundles makes it worthwhile.


I've been seeing many posts regarding arenas and how unfair it can be. How about making it like a gladiator arena, where those who enter are put into equal levels, same grades of gear, same buffs available, so that the arena is there as a measure of skill instead of a measure of equipment and buffs. This way, it's available for players of all levels, wether new or old can join. They can choose their gear, skills and buffs when queuing up for arena.

As for the arena ranking, as I understand, it's not solely a matter of skill but who can spam arena wins the most. Put a limit on how many times you can do arena per day?

Dismount / Eject seat for passengers for cars. Seriously, please!

Tax certs purchased with Vocation badges plz.. It only makes sense that if you farm a lot on your land, you can pay for your land with this vocation currency.

100% agree!

to be edited later :)

03-27-2015, 09:49 AM
Can we get the actual % drop from RNG boxes especially for rare items? Many feel they are being cheated thinking a rare chance is around 5-10% when in reality its closer to .01%. Also this would include the new RNG boxes that will be coming out.

Is it possible to implement a system that will allow a player to purchase RNG boxes and get better odds the more he opens so that players are not spending 500$ + on a mount.

Why not add Super Rare items contained in RNG box for direct purchase's, even if that direct purchase will cost me 100$ i would rather spend 100$ on the Item i want then getting a bunch of stuff i don't want. This idea is separate from your upcoming RNG box change, some people just want the mount and don't care for all the other items, even if they are worth the money.

It appears that we get a Server Maintenance every Tuesday, Can we get this to be a permanent situation, so that all player can expect every Tuesday will be server maintenance day.

Is it possible for you to introduce to XL games a chest that is capable of holding Un-Tradable items? Obviously this chest would be LOCKED to Private and destroyed on house destruction. With the recent SoA Patch the mobs have been dropping so many Un-Tradable items the my bag/warehouse are getting full. Not to include the 20-30 plus Manuscripts I am holding onto.

With the 1.7 patch will you be accepting all the Class Changes that come with 1.7? Will the NA/EU community have any input to these changes?

Has the idea of adding a Specialty Crafting option for Printing been introduced to XL? I.E. The in house recall tomb.

Is it possible to get game options to be static across all characters?

03-27-2015, 09:54 AM

1. Seems that there's a lot of confusion and lack of verified information regarding the Spreading Flames event.
- What we heard: the event can be done once a week.
- What we found out: the event can be done once a day.
- What we heard: you can loot the scales within 1 hour after the dragon is dead.
- What we found out: you can loot the scales within 10 minutes (equals to 1 hour in-game) after the dragon is dead.

Question: Is there any other missing information related to the event that we don't know yet? If there is any, please let us know.

2. Arena ranking seems pointless with the AFKers issue still around.

Question: Any plan to fix this ?

3. Why Timber Coupe's ETA being pushed even further? Was it XLGames or Trion's decision in delaying the car release?

4. Archeage on Steam.

Question : Any plan on expanding it to other regions besides NA? For example, Asia - South East Asia - Australia, some part of Europe; to name a few.

5. Any new events planned for April? Aside from Spreading Flames event, of course.

03-27-2015, 09:57 AM
We the people of Archeage Demand a Pizza Button. Could you propose an idea to XL games to put a pop up window you can order pizza from.

03-27-2015, 09:58 AM
Current Dragon Event

Once we save up the 11 scales needed for the Enraged Red Dragon's Legacy we will then be able to apply this to either the Bounty Hunter's Cloak or an Auroria cloak - will this functionality exist once the event has ended?
In other words, I farm the 11 dragon scales now which I then turn into an Enraged Red Dragon's Legacy via the crafting bench in Mirage. Three months from now and 6 billion mobs later the RNG might take pity on me and give me the relevant Auroria cloak - will I still be able to combine these items on that day or will the Composition Workbench be removed when the event ends?

03-27-2015, 09:58 AM
When will the bug when you mount then dismount my own farm hauler, there's an icon saying you are already mounted when you aren't; which prevents me from riding my hauler. This causes problem during trade run because I have to remove all my packs, then unsummon the hauler, then re-summon it and finally put back all the packs again. this is very dangerous when I'm in a populated area.

03-27-2015, 09:58 AM

Own chat channels:
Is there a posibilty to establish own chat channels for allies, coz the faction system is far away.

What about advertisement in print media or web communites... e.g. in Germany buffed / pcplayer / gamestar . The most ppl who start AA comes from other MMO's and heard about new MMOs from there. But if there is a new player to mmo's he will go to those who read about it in magazins or hear it from friends.

03-27-2015, 10:00 AM
@Scapes : Has the carrot dash been removed from the original archeum supply crate? Thinking about using my upcoming tokens for a chance to get one, but don't want to waste one if the rumors of its removal are true..

03-27-2015, 10:00 AM
When will we see some new housing decor items? Specifically, rugs that don't look like dead animals.

03-27-2015, 10:01 AM
@Scapes : Regarding guilds, are there plans to improve guild functionality in the game? Without simple functionality, like MOTD on login for guild members, it can be tough to keep everyone aligned..

03-27-2015, 10:04 AM
marketplace update time? </3

03-27-2015, 10:04 AM
1. From my topic on reddit:

Scapes replied "Jackpots from purses were brought in line following XLGAMES review of gameplay data from Alpha and Beta. The changes were made in response to the gold inflation they experienced in other regions that launched before North America and Europe."

I had 107g jackpot and 1 guy in comments said he had 300, how much we can actually get from jackpot from library coinpurses and if gold jackpot gonna be incrased somehow? we use more LP so we can open less of them than jester but we got same jackpots, that's not fair i would say. 30k from other versions of game can be crazy but 1k at least would be nice from jackpot... what can you buy for 100g

03-27-2015, 10:06 AM
Why not bring server transfers ASAP, with only resctrictions about how many times person can transfer and in what time intervals between each transfers. For example 100TIMES TRANSFER with 30days interval. Or cumulative time interval which will take more and more time between next transfers.

03-27-2015, 10:07 AM

Any chance we will see more arena PVP action such as 3 on 3 or the possibility to join as a group for the current 5 on 5 one? Ranked? Any other info on upcoming PVP content?

03-27-2015, 10:08 AM
How does the red dragon from the Spreading Flames event die? It has 10 million health, we barely do any damage to it, and then after a short while it'll suddenly fall over and die. How does that happen and is that working as intended?

03-27-2015, 10:09 AM
In October, Scapes confirmed that property tax scaling beyond 10 properties was not working and a fix would be sought from XL games.


Has there been any progress made on this issue? Or do you still intend to have this tax scaling changed ?

03-27-2015, 10:09 AM
Will the Blue Tower Mansion be released for 1.7a?

03-27-2015, 10:19 AM
When is the release date for the submarines, I remember you guys mentioning it being between the SOA patch and the 1.7 patch.

03-27-2015, 10:21 AM
When will the 3k gilda house come out?
I know it's part of the 1.7 Leviathan update but will it be 1.7a or 1.7b?

03-27-2015, 10:26 AM
how long does the composite workbench stay ingame in mirage? will it be there after the events so we can craft the upgraded auroria capes if we get the auroria capes after the event

03-27-2015, 10:34 AM
Hello !!

Q: With the 1.7 update, will the Black Pearl (the ones with 55fragments) keep any advantages against a basic upgraded galleon ? if yes what advantages ? :D
Q: Will the mega galleon available with gildas or is it only a leviathan drop ? (second option would be better :D)

03-27-2015, 10:34 AM
why not for a patron bonus their auction fees are lowered to half what non patrons pay

03-27-2015, 10:34 AM
I have 2 questions on the lighter side of the game but still something I think brings enjoyment to the game.

1. When will we get the Valentine costumes previously mentioned?

2. why can we not have rugs, lamps etc and furniture that the devs use in the housing? More rugs really needed to add some color. The artwork and stuff is already done, Would it be hard to add them to the game for player use?

03-27-2015, 10:35 AM
how about giving us a option to auto roll on stuff dropped or at least auto roll purces and the raid leader or party leader can allow auto rolling or not

03-27-2015, 10:35 AM
When a player joins or leaves/kick a guild, the red text is pretty hard to notice, especially when all your skills/farming etc also displays a red text.
Could we get another method of seeing who enters and leaves a guild? Change the colour? Or make a different back ground for it?

Please fix the UI, that resets when ever you crash, alt-tab, or general random reset.

Please make all the stuff tradeable, that you can get in the Market Place. Also the stuff in the RNG box's, like costumes and special mounts. So it will benefit all players.

Can we get an Icon in the Raid/Group and Guild tab, so we can see which players that is AFK/Away?

Change the times on siege/events on EU servers! Its soon summer time, so its even worse!! Make it more suitable!!

BTW Please unban me on Twitch, or just respond to my mails. Have been trying for weeks to get unbanned.

03-27-2015, 10:36 AM

With the re-release of the Steam version, are there any plans to market the game more actively again to get even more new players into ArcheAge?

03-27-2015, 10:36 AM
take cash from all mail at the same time like from trade runs and selling stuff

03-27-2015, 10:36 AM
Is there a timeline on the second set of Obsidian weapons? Is there a timeline for the Obsidian Armor (i.e. 1.7b or 1.8a/b)

Sea PVP is by far my favorite aspect of this game. Is there anything in the works to encourage more sea PVP like adding more reward vs. risk for sea routes.

03-27-2015, 10:38 AM
i want a penguin battlepet

03-27-2015, 10:41 AM
take cash from all mail at the same time like from trade runs and selling stuff

There is already an option that says "Receive all attchaed items and coins from selected mail."

03-27-2015, 10:42 AM
Hello !!

Q: With the 1.7 update, will the Black Pearl (the ones with 55fragments) keep any advantages against a basic upgraded galleon ? if yes what advantages ? :D
Q: Will the mega galleon available with gildas or is it only a leviathan drop ? (second option would be better :D)

+1 :confused: / I'm actually farming those plans, seems useless if galeon upgradded gots same stats...

03-27-2015, 10:42 AM
i want a penguin battlepet

This is non constructive, some of us here want real answers to real issues/concerns.

03-27-2015, 10:43 AM
Are there any plans to change the Mysterious Garden Powder drop rate? Like archeum, the scarcity of it is a bottleneck to crafting.

03-27-2015, 10:44 AM
Are there any plans to change the Mysterious Garden Powder drop rate? Like archeum, the scarcity of it is a bottleneck to crafting.

I dont agree with this, you cant have EVERY thing handed to you. Archeum is used in almost all crafting and that is a bottle neck. A single item in a handful of HIGH tier crafting is not a bottleneck. Stop being lazy and farm that gold/Coinpurses.

03-27-2015, 10:45 AM
each library floor should have a special dimension where there are 2-3x as many mobs per room to kill for big raids

03-27-2015, 10:46 AM
is the second route of obsidian weapons (bow with agility plz) in 1.7 A/B? or is it much later?

03-27-2015, 10:46 AM
we need a faster respawn on library picture pieces

03-27-2015, 10:48 AM
give us obsidian armor faster make it a higher priority it sucks to have GHA and serp armor with a obsidian weapon and not wanting to flood money into expensive armor that is way too hard to make because of a tiny chance

03-27-2015, 10:52 AM
I was wondering why it takes so long to delete a character when it is higher level? I know you are trying to cut back on gold spammers, but doesn't it make sense that after level 15 a gold spammer isn't going to work on leveling their toon up really high and then just delete it to make another? I wanted to delete my firran on Kyrios and create an elf with the same name. She is level 38 though and I am going to have to wait 7 days for her to delete. This means I will miss out on a weeks worth of the dragon event with my new toon. Is there any way I can get her deleted right away, so Monday I can work on leveling her a bit before the next event?

03-27-2015, 10:54 AM
Will we ever be able to access arena's anywhere in the world from a UI button similar to the upcoming auction house UI button like how it is currently in Korea?

03-27-2015, 10:54 AM
a higher carpentry level should give you a chance that when you make a sealed weapon you can choose which one instead of making a sealed illustrious staff it says

your skill in carpentry allows you to choose which staff your making please choose one
remain sealed

this works the same way with leatherworking tailoring etc for all armor weapons and even handicrafts

the number is boosted by your skill which i believe most with items in your house is 92500 so maybe 1% per 9250

03-27-2015, 10:56 AM
Any thoughts/plans to have a ranking system for 5v5 Arenas? Id so, will we be able to join as a preformed group?

03-27-2015, 10:57 AM
Will there be a title and greater mana cost reduction for those who achieve level 55 in all skills?

03-27-2015, 10:58 AM
Oh yeah, and if it hasn't been asked yet (too lazy to look lol), are there any plans to bring back the kitsune pet soon? It would be nice to use the tokens received from the welcome back package on an RNG box for the fox.

03-27-2015, 10:58 AM
ultimate sun moon and starpoints

you upgrade a resplendent with them

these give 3x the chance of success and remove the possibility of a item being destroyed or downgraded

so if something normally has a 5% success 10% failure 10% degrade 1 20% degrade 2 and 55% destruction

it becomes 15% success 85% failure

the new points will be rare/expensive but would give a real chance of seeing mythic gear

also how about raising the chance of a item going from grand to rare a little since grand to rare and rare to arcane are basically the same chance

03-27-2015, 11:00 AM
Could you please comment on the Bundles situation outlined: http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?174489-Khrolan-Seed-Bundles-on-Friday-Q-amp-A/

03-27-2015, 11:02 AM
Q: Will we see more FRENCH / GERMAN community content/news?

There's almost no interaction at the moment, the number of news being translated from English to French and German touches the bare minimum threshold at best. Community Events, Livestream announcements, etc.pp. - translated patch notes? nope.
It shouldn't be the work of the community to provide forums, news and essential translations to the French/German player base, when you're officially publishing the game in their languages.
Please publish all important information in French/German too, so people that don't speak English have a chance to participate in events and feel like they're a part of the community.

I'm not directly affected by the lack of translated content, wouldn't even have noticed it.. if my guildies weren't constantly asking about stuff I consider common / easily attainable knowledge in most MMOs..
In the EN client, news and updates are prominently and frequently (1-3 times a week) placed in the launcher, while non-EN had to enjoy 'christmas event' news for almost two months.. just compare the news history on the FR (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/fr/) or DE (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/de/) site to the one on the EN (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/) site, you might notice the slight difference...

03-27-2015, 11:02 AM
Put a recall point on top of the Library Book, coolest place ever...

03-27-2015, 11:04 AM
Today in archeage we can personalise we head of your player. There are a plan to personalise the body ? Taller, small, big ect....

03-27-2015, 11:09 AM
Any chance you would consider adding static timers on pvp zones progressing to war? You could set it up to have progression to war last 3 hours and make it so that each hostile faction kill decreases this timer slightly. Even with it cycling every 3hrs to war you are still looking at 4 1/2hrs of pvp to 1 1/2 hours of peace. If not how about adding in more world pvp quests for hostile faction kills that reward players with honor? As it is who wants to go pvp in conflict for hours to get 100-200 honor. When we can just catch the rift for 15min and get 550 honor.

03-27-2015, 11:12 AM
As in, I don't want to blow my loyalty on the White Pegasus if the Black Pegasus is coming within a month.

03-27-2015, 11:13 AM
Any plans to help the faction imbalances on servers?

Servers like Naima have a HUGE imbalance towards one faction (West in this case), and the character creation limitations are not helping at all, especially now with the pirate faction basically calling it quits.

The server is literally just west v. other west every now and again with an easterner involved sometimes.

03-27-2015, 11:13 AM
Is the pegasus for the loyalty store and pegasus rng boxes coming out today and if not what is the eta on them?

03-27-2015, 11:17 AM
8 pack holding hauler we want it

03-27-2015, 11:19 AM
question to marriage ( if happend ) :

are there advantages if you're married? as partner port or mutual heal if you've been married for a while ( exp-Bar / lvl would Show and maybe UI Buttons for claiming extra skills ) and has made a lot together in a group, such as instances and grind / PVP...

03-27-2015, 11:20 AM
I dont agree with this, you cant have EVERY thing handed to you. Archeum is used in almost all crafting and that is a bottle neck. A single item in a handful of HIGH tier crafting is not a bottleneck. Stop being lazy and farm that gold/Coinpurses.

I asked if they had any plans, i.e. existing plans, to increase the drop rate as I would reconsider purse farming (which this week alone I have done 20 hours of with no MGP drops) or alternately purchasing from the AH for a high price if they had no such plans. That is only being prudent, not lazy. Since the price of archeum is expected to drop and it will be more readily available, the rate of purse farming might also drop. This could result in even less MGP available on the AH.

03-27-2015, 11:25 AM
So there was rumor that changes to handicrafting would be implemented in the future

and i've asked many time haven't receieved an answer

Will there be changes to the handicrafting that will make it like the other crafting instead of random chances?

03-27-2015, 11:32 AM
Scapes please, put Mirage Bjorne for direct purchase in MP.

I'm not interested in Pegasus. This is the only mount that wasn't tradeable and also the only mount that wasn't on Loyalty store.

Please, give all of us a fair chance to get this mount.

03-27-2015, 11:34 AM
1] Possible of adding more spread out time spawns for the red dragon event for oceanic/european/ night loving americans. Like 8pm 12am 4 am along with current time. Also when does the event duration

2] Refund for Braincrest, Everyone UCC got messed up and forums and customer support said they have to recreate it, brain crest cost money.... can we get reimburse for all the crest that fail to load.

3]Marriage will it allow same sex marriage, when it is coming out, any special cutscene/event for the ceremonies, bonus or advantage.

4]Family Capacity increase

5]Moar info on new stuff The new mansion, red hauler, skateboards, bigger aquahome

03-27-2015, 11:35 AM
Why are there no spawn locations for fish in peace locations off the coasts as well as why is there no peace period after war on the sea like there is on land....
Even then you would have to worry about someone driving your boat into a war zone but still you would get to enjoy some peaceful fishing from time to time....

03-27-2015, 11:35 AM
new 2nd/3rd gen mount the super donkey which you can place a pack on and have one on your back totalling 2 packs

03-27-2015, 11:39 AM
can you remind people about the eula for arch age

question can the Justice System flag people that were carrying trade packs and add more crime points to the kill?

03-27-2015, 11:40 AM
wheres the pegasus it was suppose to be in yesterday

03-27-2015, 11:40 AM
Can u please tell us if there are plans of changing the stats of the Obsidian Bows? Because right now with just stamina on it they are mostly useless for Archers. Can u also tell us please, when there is a change planed if the already build Obsidian Bows also get an upgrade to the usefull stats or not?
Thank U ;)

03-27-2015, 11:40 AM
whats comming soon for the Credit stores after todays update. new mounts? new dresses?

03-27-2015, 11:41 AM
When will taxes be available for purchase from the general goods?

It was mentioned in the past not sure if in live stream or else where that it was a feature that would be available in the future

03-27-2015, 11:44 AM
Now that cloaks like the red dragon wings are coming out, will there be added functionality that will let us show back slot items other than gliders over wardrobe outfits?

03-27-2015, 11:45 AM
When can we expect the class balance changes? I have heard of a slight debuff to precision strike and certain Archery skill ranges as well as a slight buff to redoubt that allows its use while tripped.

03-27-2015, 11:49 AM
What is included in the newly revised Patron Rewards and is there any room for suggestions?

03-27-2015, 11:51 AM
when will we get rank 7 potions

03-27-2015, 11:53 AM
please put the labor potion price back to 150 credits with 4 hour cool down :D

03-27-2015, 11:57 AM
When will you fix the random screen freeze-ups that make the graphics freeze, but you can still hear the game running, your footsteps, monsters attacking you and can still die pathetically in the library and lose hundreds of thousands of XP while you were running around it, just because you can't see where you're going? (you can't exit the game while you're in combat either)

When will you fix the Trade Info window so that it remembers the last selection you made and not be bugged, having to select it all over again? Perhaps we could have a filter for Nuia/Haranya/All (remembered and not reset every time), because it is much easier for haranyans to select from the drop-down being at the top of the list. Think of the miles people scroll for nuia destinations everyday, by now i'm sure we've encircled the world. Twice.
Also, maybe the visible drop-down can be modified to be big enough that you don't need to scroll for other faction destinations (nuia/haranya). Modify the height just by a little bit: 2 more destinations.

When will you fix the auto-re-equip glider bug after you've carried a trading pack (or other very heavy object on your back), that sometimes activates, but other times doesn't? It's frustrating assuming you can glide afterwards and realizing it doesn't work anymore, having to re-equip it manually.

03-27-2015, 11:59 AM
With only a handful of cloaks available in the game - will Tailors be getting recipes to create cloaks?

Is it possible to get some of the vanity plushies not in game, but seen in the KR version, (example: cat-in-a-box) added to the plushie packs that tailors can make?

Update 1.7:
Will this update include the Warborn Race?

03-27-2015, 11:59 AM
Now that cloaks like the red dragon wings are coming out, will there be added functionality that will let us show back slot items other than gliders over wardrobe outfits?

In game: Options -> Game Info -> Back slot display priority

03-27-2015, 12:02 PM
When will taxes be available for purchase from the general goods?

It was mentioned in the past not sure if in live stream or else where that it was a feature that would be available in the future

I doubt they will do that. If you look at tempering burnishes and snowflakes you end up with a rate of about 15 credits per gold as the conversion and tax certs are 9 credits each... which puts the value at about 0.60g per tax cert. The moment they did that then no one would spend credits on them again, unless of course everything else in the credit shop dropped that low... like 50g apex, and 20g worker's.

I mean, as a free playerI would love to see 50g Apex, especially when I can make about 200g a day running packs, but who in their right mind is going to spend 10 bucks of real money for 50g when they can also make a pile of money in game each day as a comparison.

03-27-2015, 12:09 PM
Any chance for aquatic experia crops in the future??

03-27-2015, 12:10 PM
What do you plan to do in regards to people constantly afking in arena? People doing this directly impacts the leaderboards, not to mention it's god awfully annoying to either waste 10 minutes of my life or character select and not be able to queue for 16 minutes.

03-27-2015, 12:13 PM
please fix earthen roar upgrade. If you cut the cd of the stealth, thdn at least keep the self heal skill that the earthen roar posses before crimson lightning.

03-27-2015, 12:24 PM
EDIT: What about the growling yawl (black pearl) on 1.7 ? did it get an upgrade like the other ships ? would it have better stats than a regular upgraded galleon ? (basic speed, attack ... ) ? please don't make a 80k gold design useless ...

03-27-2015, 12:32 PM
Question: what about the growling yawl (black pearl) on 1.7 ?

Hey Narvalo, I've noticed that if you aren't super specific about what info you want them to answer, they'll read the question and give a "I don't know what that means" answer.

You may want to edit the question and ask specifically about if it gets the opportunity to upgrade like the other ships, or if the other ships upgrades make it a useless 80,000 gold cosmetic.
I'm not criticizing you, I'm just very interested in this answer as well =)

03-27-2015, 12:41 PM

Pirates: Pirates are able to attack in peace periods in other versions of the game. I think it was not a smart move to remove it in our version. Why u ask ?

Because it brings balance into the trading economy. Many people dont run danger zone packs anymore and wait for peace zone.

Pirates have a big risk stealing those peace zone packs because if they die they are in jail for 48 minuts.

I hope u guys read this question/suggestion and discuss in livestream.


03-27-2015, 12:41 PM
Will there ever be a possibility to change race? Like from firran to harani.

03-27-2015, 12:42 PM
QUESTION: did healer get drop in dungeon one day ?

03-27-2015, 12:44 PM
For the Red Dragon event you said that the dragon hunter npc and intractable object would be available for 1hr after it has been killed/event start. It hasn't been staying on for 1hr did you change it? or are you going to fix it?

03-27-2015, 12:47 PM
So there was rumor that changes to handicrafting would be implemented in the future

and i've asked many time haven't receieved an answer

Will there be changes to the handicrafting that will make it like the other crafting instead of random chances?

HANDICRAFT --- Yes! Any improvements coming to Handicraft? If so, when?

03-27-2015, 12:48 PM
Hey scapes and crew, just a few questions about guilds and functionality I know me and my guild would love answered.

1. Any chance of new ranking systems, with more ranks?
2. Guild bank (accessable from warehouse) with multiple tabs?
3. Officer chat channels.
4. The ability for multiple GMs
5. More permission features
6. Can we get an Icon in the Raid/Group and Guild tab, so we can see which players are AFK/Away?

Thanks ya'll!

Holinah - Ezi server

03-27-2015, 12:49 PM
Red Dragon Events

-Will the Crafting Station in Mirage Island still be available after the Red Dragon Event ends? So that if there is a cloak we still need to get to fuse with the current one crafting it will be there later for us to do that.

- Armageddon Armor - Is this a permanent addition to the Marketplace or limited time?
- Skateboard - Any news on when we will get this mount?

- At the moment only Glider can be set to be shown over wardrobe items. Can it be set to where Cloaks can as well with a check box? This would allow things like our Red Dragon Wings to appear with our costume.

03-27-2015, 12:50 PM
Can u please tell us if there are plans of changing the stats of the Obsidian Bows? Because right now with just stamina on it they are mostly useless for Archers. Can u also tell us please, when there is a change planed if the already build Obsidian Bows also get an upgrade to the usefull stats or not?
Thank U ;)

Go learn more about obsidian weapons. What you ask for is already coming. The 2nd lot of obsidian weapons

03-27-2015, 12:51 PM
Can you guys please make it so I can put spaces in naming house/pets/ships? I understand its a Korean format where spaces are not used but ijustwantonamemyhouse.

03-27-2015, 12:54 PM
Lord Coins Pet Armor

Lord coins pet armor right now doesn't have skins for yata, cow, bear, and many others, while armageddon armor does. Is there a plan to skin the lord coins pet armor similar to armageddon armor?

03-27-2015, 12:57 PM
Hello Scapes!

I know that it was already talked about it in the last stream.
It's about the server transfers system which you wnt to release in 4-6 months ... which represents the entire life of AA in EU/NA.

Now i wanted to make sure you saw what the current situaion is in low pop server ( here is the link : http://forums.archeagegame.com/showt...-on-the-server). I hope that this will change your mind about priorities... Because with the way this is going, the server will lacking a lot players and won't be able to do anything because besides farmers/traders, there will be noone.

So i'm also talking for all the active guilds that are struggling to create contents which represent the lungs of server.. But we are at a point where we can't do anyhing about the lack of player... Even you, can't do anything. Janudar is a curse that need to be ended and i think the majority of the server will approuve.

So maybe a little word about server transfers could be a good thing.. But please you haveto realise that 4-6 months is FAR too long and people won't wait for that.

03-27-2015, 12:58 PM
Any chance for the people who paid $150 for the yata would be able to trade that in for the pegasus?

03-27-2015, 01:19 PM
potions are not very profitable how about giving a chance of making extra potions depending on your prof

or special potions that can randomly be made instead of others like a alternet rank 6 potion to nuis nova that you sometimes make depending on prof instead like maybe it heals 150% of what the nova heals

03-27-2015, 01:19 PM
Blue Tower Mansion, when and how much mats???

03-27-2015, 01:22 PM
Are the quests for the library painting scraps for floor 2 and 3 bugged? Myself and some friends have scoured all dimensions in regards to the respective floors and haven't found 1 painting scrap. If the quests aren't bugged are the scraps just extremely rare for the subsequent quests?

Is it at all possible to have a server announcement for the Red Dragon event and/or possible to either mark the locations of the Dragon Knight NPCs or list the locations on the forums? People are having issues matching up the event with their time zone and finding the Dragon Knight NPC outside of the Mirage Island location.

Most of the Red Dragon capes / wings require an Auroria Cape as an ingredient. Realistically it's unfathomable that many players will be able to obtain the cloak they want from Auroria to fuse with the Red Dragon Wings in the amount of time the event is taking place. Will players be able to hold on to the scales from the event, and will the crafting table for the event items persist after the event is over?

03-27-2015, 01:25 PM
Suggestion for more advanced fishing: 1. add whales to game with whalers. 2. larger faster fishing/whaling vessels

when if any will we see the 4th fish size?

how about car customization such as adding crest to the hood of the car and changing the color.

what is the chances of adding support for a multiple/second video card to allow for multiple monitors

03-27-2015, 01:27 PM
Q 1- Did you guys plan to fix the Lag on fishing spot when there are many boats on it? It lags a lot =(. why this happens?
Q 2 - I loved the pegasus! And now..how about the black pegasus?

03-27-2015, 01:30 PM
Couple of questions....

Question 1 - What is the logic/reasoning/philosophy behind the inability to create larders/ have gold/resource/gilda (dare I say archeum)/ vendors in Auroria ?

Surely if these are introduced it has positive effect across the board ? Mass navel transits, brings pirates into the game, more fair gold, makes land in Auroria more viable. Whilst this may seem op due to distance v gold factor, the consideration that all auroria land is pvp and the mobs would crush most haulers quickly, this would surely create a very risk v reward balance?

Question 2 - If server merges/player transfers are too complicated as of now (I understand why), can you not at least offer a cash shop "container/chest" item that can transfer character/account bound items to any other character on account.

Leveling up a new character, losing lands, none of these things bother most, losing cash shop and account bound items does.


03-27-2015, 01:40 PM
- Black Pegasus ( When ? )

- 1.7 Battleground ( part 1 or 2 ? )

- Auroria Mineral Water, will it be removed from Marcala as it was in RU/KR ?

03-27-2015, 01:49 PM
Tax certs purchased with Vocation badges plz.. It only makes sense that if you farm a lot on your land, you can pay for your land with this vocation currency.

03-27-2015, 02:09 PM
Please address the fishing memory leak. It's been way too long for it to still be in the game.

03-27-2015, 02:14 PM
Will we get a Dark Pegasus?

03-27-2015, 02:16 PM
Q1 Could it be possible to add, flats or apartments into the cities in AA?

Q2 Are could it be possiable to add shop's in teh cities that players could rent/own where they could display all the crafted armor and weapons on the walls?

03-27-2015, 02:16 PM
Back to the Mirage donkey. Since the donkey is normalized why is it still a 300 loyalty item? It should be in the marketplace like all the other mirage mounts instead of ♥♥♥♥♥♥ us for 300 tokens. Just sayin

03-27-2015, 02:24 PM
When will we be seeing Obsidian armor?
What is the ETA to the coin purse fix?

03-27-2015, 02:24 PM
When will you increase the pet/mount level cap to 55?

03-27-2015, 02:39 PM
Please make it more obvious to NOT buy the gear when you don't have the Crimson Lightning Mount. I was so excited to get my Stormdarter that I didn't read the small print on the crimson gear...400 gold gone, since I am probably never going to have a chance at getting the Crimson Lightning Mount. :(

03-27-2015, 02:42 PM
Any update on the crest bug? Not being able to see some people's crests/photos on capes, clothing, picture frames in others houses. They show blank or as a photo other than what it really is. Is this being addressed and will it be fixed?

03-27-2015, 02:49 PM
Are you going to unhide the seconds from the auction house timers so that the rest of us can have a shot at winning an auction or is that a privilege reserved for hackers forever?

03-27-2015, 02:51 PM
why cant our pets go above lv 50

03-27-2015, 03:34 PM
Umm not sure if this will be seen because its after the livestream but maybe it can be addressed in next week's Since there were talks about animation canceling with God's Whip. Is there any plans of making it so that magic skills are able to be blocked/parried like Physical skills because magic skills the only way they wont hit is if the person's magic accuracy is below 100% and even then it will be in the high 80% range if not 90% range. Making magic pretty much a guaranteed hit the only factor that comes into play it magic will hit or miss is the caster's magic accuracy

03-27-2015, 03:42 PM
Anyone have a recap of what has been said in the streaming ?

03-27-2015, 05:19 PM
Any recap ? =O

Oibaf the Bard
03-27-2015, 05:28 PM
bump for recap, i couldn't watch it :(

03-27-2015, 06:08 PM
Anyone have a recap of what has been said in the streaming ?

TotalArcheAge.com does a nice recap each week.


03-27-2015, 06:30 PM
Thanks you but the thing on the black pearl is not on the recap :( I didn't hear well if the pearl have just a better grade (unique or more please it's THE pearl !!! :D) on his parts (sails canons) or if it also have better basic stats (speed, attacks, dps). 1.7A is coming sooooon can't wait for that :D

03-28-2015, 02:31 PM
TotalArcheAge.com does a nice recap each week.


No Answer on my question about Marriage, 2nd Week in a row :( :(

03-29-2015, 06:45 PM
Dear Scapes,

It would be much appreciated you upload the recorded stream in twitch for 27th March 2015.

Thank You.