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03-29-2015, 12:51 PM
Hi everyone from Archeage!

I am currently toying with the idea of starting a new project to encourage crafters to make their properties look good and reward the ones that do! This would take the form of a web magazine dedicated to the beautiful properties of Archeage. Players from any servers (EU and NA) can submit pictures of their properties. My team and I will select one to be feature in the magazine every week and we'll do a little interview with the owner of the property.

I'm sure many of us would love to be inspired by other creative property designs!

Let me know what you think of the idea by voting in this poll and start submitting your screenshots!

How to submit:

Send your submission via the forum's private messaging system in the following format:

IGN : *
Property Name: **
Property Type: ***
Screenshots: ****

* List only the IGN that you want to be referred by.
** Can be different from the name it has in game. Just let us know what you call your property.
*** What did you use to make your property? (ex: Sawmill Station, 16x16 Scarecrow, Tudor Slate Cottage, etc) You can use more than one building to make your property. (ex: a cottage for the house and a scarecrow farm for the backyard)
**** Please provide URLs for you images (make sure they are working). Do NOT attach them.
If you need an image host service feel free to check out imgur.com

03-29-2015, 02:33 PM
This is a cool idea. I am more of a utilitarian type (read: my houses are fug), but I see so many nice properties that I think people would be proud to share. I went in a castle owned by Blacklisted - East - Salphira (I think it was Blacklisted) looking for reds to kill, and was blown away by all the cool decorations (until a bunch of them murdered me for trespassing :p).

You should consider allowing people to take pics and submit other people's properties. Maybe the owner would not end up claiming a prize, but this would probably get more submissions.

03-29-2015, 05:06 PM
Thanks for your interest but yeah I'd really like to owner to submit it so we can do an interview and everything. That said, if the project goes through, ppl can feel free to show off other people's properties in the thread and we can try to contact the owner to have them do a submission.

A lot of people already post screenies of their properties and all but I want something more detailed and inspiring like I've seen people do on the AA kr website. Some people even gave the custom crests they were using for furniture and stuff. It really helps pretty up the environment when people feel inspired. I know utility is often focused on but I think there's a way to mix in some nice aesthetics. :3

I would also love to use this project as a platform to hold holiday decorations contests and stuff like that.

03-30-2015, 06:11 AM
Will submit mine with pictures later today ^.^

03-31-2015, 08:57 AM
I was running somewhere at one point and I saw this guys garden. I actually stopped and spent about 10 min just looking around, it was gorgoues!!

04-03-2015, 10:24 AM
I can see about finding some, I know some of my guild mate make some lovely housing (personally mine is meh). So if we can submit others then sure.

04-03-2015, 06:30 PM
If my home had a higher limit on the number of decorations you could put in it, I'd definitely would submit my home. Right now, it looks a bit cramped from being filled with a tiny bar and a bed in the corner ^^'

04-03-2015, 08:40 PM
Even if you don't think your place is nice enough you should still submit because people have different tastes and it might suit a specific issue. At the moment I'll collect submissions to have enough material ready ahead.

I'm also thinking of including a few different segments like:

Tips for new homeowners

Housing Trends

Creative Crest (Free crest template in every issue)

If you guys have more ideas feel free to suggest them! :3

04-04-2015, 05:14 AM
I will send you my form later today when I get home ^.^
And can I make a short video tour alongside? The pictures just by themselves look "meh" to me since it doesn't show much of the parts of my house at once.

04-04-2015, 07:44 AM
I will send you my form later today when I get home ^.^
And can I make a short video tour alongside? The pictures just by themselves look "meh" to me since it doesn't show much of the parts of my house at once.

You can make a video but there's no guarantee it'll be used if your submission is picked. If we decide to includes then yes if not though we may take images from the video itself if it has nicer angles.

Also I'll make the first edition as a test edition to get a lot of comments, feedback and ideas so no submissions will be in the first issue. I want it all to look perfect to host your pretty houses and gardens! :3