View Full Version : 1.8 & Manor Housing

Roma Fireheart
03-30-2015, 09:02 PM
I've been searching but can't find any information about this, hoping that someone here has the answer.

With 1.8 in Korea, alot of the housing stuff gets updated, but what about Manors, the mini castle looking thing (800 or 1k gilda house I think)?
Thatched and the rest get a second floor, crafting upgrades etc, but I don't see manors listed anywhere.

Do they get a "second floor" or some attachment?
Will I be able to choose a crafting specialty thing with it? (Not sure exactly how that works)
What's up with that tree house that's shadowed out and that pink house?

Is there a site with a listing of each type of upgrade separately or on each house to be able to compare?

Help :\