View Full Version : [EU] Seeking East guild

04-09-2014, 05:22 PM
I noticed there are quite a few western guilds recruiting on EU servers and I find the lack of eastern guilds surprising. The puny westerners need a strong opposition to show them which continent is clearly dominant (:rolleyes:), so I am looking for a guild that comes close to the following ideal:

Teamwork- claiming plots on strategic positions on the first day (first few days) of open beta (release), collective farming, crafting, trading, construction projects
PVP - grouping up for zone wars, robbing trade runs, Liberty Island raids
PVE - grouping up for questing, instance runs when needed, zone/world bosses
Maturity - no drama, no begging for gold/items/..., member trials
Prefarably no roleplay
No carebears (refusing to fight eastern players under any circumstances, hesitating to engage in combat when a guild mate gets attacked, etc.)

I hope for the guild to be an organized group of people using voice chat at all times, having some means of non-instant communication (forum, website, private FB page, ...) where we could share progress on ongoing projects and schedule events.
On the other hand I am not interested in a hardcore elitist guild, where people only care about outputs from the DPS meter.
The guild does not have to be awfully large either, just big enough to engage in all game activities is perfect.

PS: I have quite a bit of experience playing on the Russian server and can offer advice and tips on builds, trading, housing, etc.