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04-09-2015, 06:37 PM

I got lvl 50 2 weeks ago, and got the GHA Armor and Hasla Weapons. Now i want to try gettin better Armor and Weapons, but i need Gold, much Gold.

My Problem is: I dont know how to make good and easily Money. I Dont have a Farm Cart or something else like this. Im sitting around with like 100g, and I dont now what i should do. I Do Trade Runs,but with only one Tradepack i make ~10g per 25min with my Clipper. Most of my proficiencies are around like ~3500. My Fishing skill is around 1500.

I hope you can give me advices to make Money as a starter.

04-10-2015, 12:47 AM
I don't know how much of help I could offer you, but I've read tons of guides.

First of all, you've mentioned you would like to earn easy and fast money. Well one of the easiest ways is to mine and sell it in the AH, or to cut lumber and sell it to the AH. These materials always has high demand amongst the players. Also those materials that comes from burning your not needed items with evenstones.
Try growing materials for various tradepacks and sell it on AH.
I think you should choose your proficiencies, and keep leveling them up. For example, if you like doing traderuns, you should invest in a bigger ship with a cargohold to take multiple tradepacks.
Or if you like fishing, go for sport fishing and build a fishing boat, that is a good money I heard.
Making traderuns and fishing is very viable, you just need to invest in it and you will be eventually rich.

04-10-2015, 01:51 AM
Get some bait Worms and enable Auto-fishing untill u reach 10k-15k fishing then start doing sport fishing. 1k bait Worms is like 2-3g at most.

04-10-2015, 02:52 AM
M8, are u a patron already or not? Basically all the gold-providing activities in game are labor-consuming and that means that gold is also labor dependent in 99% of cases.

IF you are not a patron, your maximum labor caps at 2k, and generates only when u are online in a pace of 5lp*/5min. IF you are a patron, your maximum labor caps at 5k, you get 10 lp/5 minutes online and 5 lp/ 1 mins offline. With the next patch we were told that offline patron labor regeneration will rise to 10lp/5 mins.

There are 3 main ways to acquire patron,
1. you either pay the monthly subscription, or
2. you purchase 2xAPEX in game (AH or transaction with a player who sells)

After you get your patron status, things will be easier for you when it comes to gold resources.
There are 2 kinds of activities that can give you gold in game.

1. activities that circulate the existing gold in the server (such as selling stuff at AH), whose efficiency tends to be dependent on server economy.
2. activities that generate new gold on the server (such as trade runs & fishing or coinpurse farming), whose efficiency is independant of server economy but bare a certain amount of risk (such as getting ganked during fishing or carrying your packs and losing your round).

For now, since you are lvl 50 and I am not aware of whether you have patron status or not, it is hard to give you specific guidelines as to which activities best suit your gameplay.

I can only tell you what I do when my gold resources hit rock bottom. I either go coinpurse farming OR I do land trade runs. Other people plant trees and gather thunderstrucks, others gather gildas to sell the designs, others go fishing or pirating, mining in another region's server and selling credits in your own server, crafting and selling etc etc. The game has a sandbox-like attitude, so basically there are plenty of things to do, BUT as you can see from the pre-mentioned choices they are all labor-dependent. It all comes down to which one best suits your own gameplay, status and time.

So basically the questions to you are:
1. Do you have a patron status or not?
2. What do you enjoy doing in game?

Combine those 2 and you will come up with sth.

I wish you best of luck,

Medusa - Aier

*lp=labor points

04-10-2015, 05:55 AM
Hello man, the best way to make some gold without being a pirate is to fish.

I recommend you to find a guild with some fishing boat and to ask them if they'll allow you to put 1or2 fish on a boat.

The other good way is to farm the coinpurse and hopping to find some archeum crystal.

04-10-2015, 06:38 AM
Thanks for your help M8,first of all I have Patron and basically i enjoy everything in the Game, but i think i will try it with Trade Runs and Sport Fishing, and a little pirating. U gave me good Ideas what i could do, Thank you.

04-10-2015, 06:39 AM
Thanks four your Help M8!

04-11-2015, 02:25 PM
Trade packs or single seeds

04-11-2015, 06:07 PM
If you've tried fishing and didn't like it, I'd do packs from gweonid to two crowns and back unless hell swamp is at peace for maximum profit. The former gives around 8 gold per pack, and the latater gives a bit over 10. Save up your money until you have enough to buy the materials for farm cart, then farm wagon, then finally farm hauler. The hauler holds up to 7 packs, including one on your back, and it is really efficient when it comes to quickly moving a bunch of packs. I'd also recommend getting land in two crowns for storing your packs until you're ready to bring them to the desired turn-in. Join a decent guild while you're at it, as a good group of defenders is essential for getting packs turned into places like Sandeep during unsafe times without losing them all to green pirates or enemy faction players.

04-15-2015, 03:53 PM
I recently have been making a lot of gold in game, since I've been doing trade runs whenever I'm online except for when there is the library raid going on at night.

If you're a patron, I recommend that you place your scarecrow garden/farm or a small cottage (that doesn't require much stone packs) to start off. This will help protect your packs when the trade pack prices from one location to another goes down, or when you don't have a sufficient amount of labor.

On the east, the trade route I do frequently do is from Tigerspine Mountains > Villanelle, which gives me around 5.15g a pack, and takes 12-15 minutes. I carry three at a time on my farm cart.

If you're on a donkey, you're in luck since you can go through mountains to get to other zones quickly. On your scarecrow garden/farm (or public farm if you don't have a scarecrow garden), grow some carrots for your donkey. If you also have Quickstep (from Songcraft) or Light Footsteps buff, you can travel even faster. Invest in good legguards for your donkey since they increase their speed. As an alternative, you can list items that are high in demand (such as raw stone) or ones that you don't need to get gold without having to be at your computer all the time.

Once you get at least 150g, start looking for the Thunderstruck Log on the Auction House. On my server right now, they're around 100g for one. The log will be used in making your farm cart. You will also need a Farm Cart design, available from the General Merchant for 50g. Buy a few Charcoal Stabilizers too since some Fine Lumber and two Sturdy Ingots will be made. They can be made into their oils and polishes once you gather the materials for them. Once you have enough wood and other materials, create your cart!

You can carry three packs with your cart (2 in the storage, 1 on your back). If you have a farmer's workstation, create Eco-Friendly Fuel (with Fresh Fertilizer and Hay Bales), or buy them from AH.

Other ways to earn gold are making weapons/armor, fishing, or even just farming and selling materials on the AH. Weapon/Armor crafting requires you to have a lot of gold to buy archeum (especially weapon crafting), but you can earn a whole lot of gold once you sell them. If you have a lot of gold on hand, you can try listing a weapon on the AH and hope that someone will buy it, or you can just say it in the trade channel and let people PM or whisper you.

If those alternative ways sound a bit boring, and you have a lot of labor on hand, you can farm the Ayanad Library for coinpurses. Each coinpurse gives you around 30 silver, and costs 15 labor to open. This is not the fastest way, but you'll slowly gain money and possibly archeum to sell.

(If you do trade runs on your boat, try doing overseas trading to the Resource Trader. It provides materials necessary to make oils for weapons and armor, or you can just sell them on the AH for a good price. Having stealth on will help a lot.)

04-15-2015, 05:30 PM
it depends on how much land you have access to if you have less then a 16x16 i would recommend coin purse farming or rasieing your professioncey and sport fishing both cost alot of labor but give you a good payout but both run the risk of you dieing whether it be getting ganked by reds losing or losing mobs if you have a 16x16 or more you can easily get materials for basic trade packs and then you should build up your cart boats and land so that you can do any kind of trade route from safe zone routes to cross Continent. in your current situation i would recommend growing or buying the mats to do a basic trade pack and clipper them across the ocean its risky but its worth it.