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04-10-2015, 07:36 AM
I keep reading that fishing is one of the best ways to make money. So i picked up a reel and started, fished the equivalent of about 5k labor. I made literally no money. Just a punch of ♥♥♥♥ fish that no one wanted to buy. There were a few rare fish people bought for a few gold, but other than that its all bunk.

Back in alpha i fished and it seemed more viable as you had a chance to get those waterlogged boxes (which were awesome, wish those were in the game still). With those gone, its all fish.. It seems like all i did was waste my time putting them up on the AH every 6-12 hrs etc.

Am I doing something wrong? (Im sure I am)

Thanks for the help

04-10-2015, 08:30 AM
What you probably did was bait fishing. Bait fishing won't make you that much money, but its best to convert the fish you do get to Dawn Lake Light Essence (http://archeagedatabase.net/us/item/28175/) and sell that. Once you get around 15-20k Fishing Profiency, you can get Lures and use those for sport fishing in bigger lakes and the Ocean. When you sport fish, you get a pack on your back that you turn in at a fish stand for gold. Lake and smaller ocean fish don't pay that well, but large Marlins and Sail fish can make a lot of money (6 gold for each of the small sail fish and 36g for a single gargantuan Blue Marlin)

Just be wary of pirates

04-10-2015, 08:40 AM
What you did is worm fishing. Worm fishing isn't profitable, it's the grind you do in order to get access to better fishing rods which let you catch large sport fish on the ocean.

Oceanic Sport Fishing is where you can make gold.

How you do this...

1. Get a bait buckey for Sail Fish or Blue Marlin (pike or macerel?). You can buy these for gold on the auction house or buy them for vocation badges at your farmer workstation or blue salt merchant. Get some lures from the same. Note: the lures correspond with the type of fishing pole you use. Use the best pole your skill allows you to use and it's corresponding lure.

2. Go out on the ocean and look for sea gulls. When you find gulls mouse below them and see if they are over a pod of Sail Fish or Marlin. If they aren't, then keep searching the sea until you find them.

3. When you find Sailfish or Marlin, use your bait bucket to chum them. This will send them into a feeding frenzy.

4. Now equip your fishing pole. Hit the button to cast for sport fishing, then wait until you get a bite.

5. When you get a bite you will burn 100 labor and you will begin a game of 'simon says' with the fish. You have to watch the buffs that appear at the top center of your screen below the fish, and match those movements with your sport fishing hot keys. Through this process you will do damage to the fish based on your fishing poles damage rating.

6. When you kill the fish you have to swim to it and pick it up. It will become a fish-pack on your back. Turn this fish-pack into the fish-stand along the coast. There are, I think, 3 fish stands on the two lower continents and 1 in Diamond Shore.

It's important to note that if you don't have a good rod, like Gilded Rod or Archeum rod there are some larger fish that you just won't be able to catch. Fish are either 18k hit points (small), 30k hit points (Large), or 37k hit points (gargantuan). With a bamboo, steel, or spring steel rod you will liekly only be able to land the 18k fish. This is why you eventually want 50k fishing, so you can use the Archeum rod.

Turn in values on fish (approximated)

18k - 7g
30k - 16k
37k - 26k

18k - 9.5g
30k - 22g
37k - 40g

Also, if you want to make a living fishing you need to get a Fishing Longliner, which is going to cost you a lot of gold, like maybe 1500g (guessing). The fishing boat gives you fish sonar so you can actually find the fishing pots. It also gives you on-board storage for 5 small/large fish packs and up to 2 gargantual fishpacks. Finally, it lets you buy chum/lures right on your boat.

All said, sport fishing is actually a very fun way to make gold, but it's a far more efficient gold maker if you have a regular group of people with which you fish so you can each take turns eating the expense of chum (which is like 10g to 13g right now for sailfish and marlin) as well as providing mutual protection from pirates or other hostiles.

If you solo fish on a fishing boat your capital investment going into the trip is 10 bio-fuel (~7g) + 6 red lures (~9g) + 1 chum (~11g) = 27g (estimate).

If you bring back 5 fish in your tank and one fish pack on your back and they are all small fish you are looking at, best case (marlin) 60 gold in turn-ins and 600 labor burned.

Efficiency wise that means you've earned about 6.9 silver / labor, which is pretty good.

If you hit a large fish or two or maybe a gargantuan then your profits can double or more.

If you can fish in a group where everyone has a boat, then a lot of your chum cost is defrayed over time an you make a lot more profit.