View Full Version : GM Fasti: (Failed to load game dll) Help please :(

04-11-2015, 10:50 PM
I downloaded ArcheAge off of steam and I can't seem to get get it working again. I played for a while and got to level 22. But when I logged off for the night and got back on the next morning, when I clicked the play on the glyph site this error popped up; Failed to load game dll. Does anyone know how to fix it? I'v tried a few solutions but they obviously didn't work. Can someone help me? Hey there, what antivirus program are you using? Often, though definitely not always, this is tied to Windows Defender or Microsoft Security Essentials blocking access to some needed files. When you get a chance, restart your PC for me. After it restarts, run any Windows Updates that may be available, even the ones that are recommended, but not required (those often contain security definitions). After those updates, check these applications for any quarantined files. Any that belong to Glyph or ArcheAge should be released from quarantine. After that, go into the Settings and add the full folder for Steam, Glyph, and ArcheAge to the exceptions. When that is all done, give the game another try for me.

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