View Full Version : Download files are always corrupted

07-18-2014, 06:35 AM
This is the second time I try to download all 21GB of ArcheAge files, and I get the "Download was corrupt" message all the time.

When I try to play, select a character and enter the world, the loading bar stops at random number (17% if I enter as a Harani, 53% if I enter as a Firran) and then crashes to desktop.

Some other times I get the error: "CryEngine Error: Object count is -855638016" and then closes

I could play a few minutes setting Quality to Low, but I cannot play anymore. I tried re-downloading ArcheAge, Glyph, my graphic cards driver (HD Radeon 6850, that's not the problem cause my boyfriend owns the same card and he plays without a problem) but there's no solution.

WIth 500 k/s downloading speed (my internet downloading speed is 1MB/s, but glyph downloads really slow, and yeah, all ports are open) it's insane trying to download the game again, and again, and again. Isn't there any repairing tool like almost any MMO have? Did someone upload the game to MEGA/Firedrive/Mediafire or any other unlimited downloading server?

07-19-2014, 01:13 AM
uninstall glyph delete any left over files and run a registry cleaner then download glyph again. and it should work.