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04-14-2015, 09:20 AM
Actually I don't demand, but would really like to know because I am curious. +2 for dramatic title lunagem. What happens during these 2hr downtime that takes 2hrs? I have always wondered what goes on. Are you flushing virtual server toilets? Cleaning database tables? Like I literally have not the slightest clue but would love to know. :)
Every week, they have to roll out the servers to do the binding ritual with Scapes. Dressed in ceremonial vestments if gold and red, Scapes climbs up onto a podium inscribed with runes and talismans and begins his chant. "Ohhhhhmmmm ayos Trino dominehhhhh. Requius server stabilitus, Rios pas no more DDOS and patch apply-icus!". The whole ceremony is quite secret and takes up to 2 hours. A man lost his life smuggling a tape of this ritual out of Trion HQ... All pause for a moment of silence for the fallen. See above. Because that'd kinda exactly not really but sorta what happens. But not really. What really happens is I sneak back onto the servers and steal everyone's thunderstrucks. But also not really. What does actually happen during those two hours is not unlike why your own computer asks to be restarted every now and then. We bring down the servers for hardware and software maintenance. Griff's list is pretty accurate:
Windows updates, clearing of cache, cleanup of log files, purging of swap files, etc. General server maintenance tasks. Worth noting that Windows updates usually take us past the two-hour timeframe so those have longer downtime estimates.

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