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04-14-2015, 09:20 AM
OK im at the end of my rope with this game i have spent so much real money on this game to only get screwed for the 3rd time. I have been trying to get that STUPID Pegasus for whatever reason i dont know. Ive opened 75-100 boxes im sure and yesterday as i was opening more boxes that i kept telling my self i wasnt going to buy anymore and finally i see a Pegasus and my game crashes for no reason. And when i logged back in there was no pegasus instead it was replaced by a bound 500 labor pot. And no im not going to go wait weeks upon weeks filing a ticket only to hear sorry we cant help you. Ugh, that's beyond frustrating! I will say that our Support Team won't be able to restore an unclaimed item like that as honestly there's no way to verify that experience. However, and this may be difficult to believe, the pegasus' drop rate is higher than that of any previous mount coming from a chest. Also, the non-pegasus drops from its chest are significantly improved with the "trash" items removed entirely. Hoping you've been able to leverage those items at least!

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