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04-14-2015, 11:40 PM
none of this works at all It has worked in the past for the majority of players, so can you provide additional details? How long have you been having this trouble? Is this the first time you have run into this error? If not, when did this first happen? The error indicates that there is something wrong with the game data on your PC, usually tied to the most recent patch, but not always. If you installed via Steam they have specific steps to try: Go into Library, right-click ArcheAge, Click Properties, Local Files tab, click verify the integrity of game cache, and let this run.If you installed via Glyph, we use the steps above if the issue is related to the latest patch. If those steps don't work, they are most likely caused by either an antivirus program adding important game files to quarantine, or some other game data issue that will likely result in the need for a fresh installation.Open any security software you use and check for quarantined files. If you have any from Glyph, or ArcheAge, make sure to release them from quarantine. When that is done, add the full Glyph and ArcheAge installation folders as exceptions, so they are not blocked again down the road.If there were no quarantined files, or these steps do not work, a new installation is our next step. Make sure the game is completely removed from your PC (https://support.trionworlds.com/hc/en-us/articles/204185037-How-to-uninstall-ArcheAge) before restarting your computer and installing from scratch. If you don't follow those steps, the next installation will likely have the same issues.Thanks for your patience!

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