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04-16-2015, 12:55 AM
Hi all
I thought I would do us all a favor and do this test on Archeum Trees, as many have said that its not worth the time or the effort (basicaly the input is not worth the output). The aim with this test is too see if it is worth it or not, and if it is not then maybe we can get trion to change something regarding the archeum trees.

Ok so lets get to it. The test will involve 2 Gazebo farms (24x24) with 23 Archeum Trees on each farm, so in total 46 trees, I cant have more farms with Archeum Trees because the daily LP would not be sufficient.

Getting Started
2x Gazebo Farms (cost: 600g each including mats to build, so total of 1200g +/-)
46x Archeum Trees (cost: 138 Gilda, 3 Gilda each or 190 +/- gold for 46 trees via the AH)

To build each Gazebo you need 45 Tax papers on hand so 90 in total for 2 Gazebos
Weekly Taxes will depend on how many farms a player has in addition to the 2 Gazebos, I have 3 in total which comes to 25 Tax papers a week per Gazebo, so in total 50 Tax papers.

90x Tax papers to build (cost: 3600 LP or 1.6 Gold per Tax paper, in total 144 Gold for 90 Tax papers via the AH)
50x Tax papers a week (cost: 2000 LP or 1.6 Gold per Tax paper, in total 80 Gold for 50 Tax papers via the AH)

Lets Start Farming
46x Archeum Trees to plant (cost: 0 LP)
46x Archeum Trees to water with Auroria Mineral Water (cost: Mining 1 water = 15 LP, Watering 1 tree = 25 LP, total cost = 1840 LP for 46 mineral water and 46x tree watering.)
When you first plant your trees you have to water them once, then wait 6 hours and water them again, then wait another 10 hours until you can harvest your trees for Archeum. You only have to water the tree twice in the beggining after the first harvest you will only have to water them once.

46x Archeum Tree Harvest (cost: 15 LP per tree, in total 690 LP)

For the Average player with Average game time, so 1x watering and 1x harvesting a day ( Total cost: 2530 LP, Invested time: 1h10m a day, this includes mining 46x mineral water, watering 46 trees and harvesting 46 trees)

For the Hardcore player with more time on his/her hands, so 2x watering and 2x harvesting a day ( Total cost: 5060 LP, Invested time: 2h20m a day, this includes mining 92x mineral water, watering 92 trees and harvesting 92 trees) here you will also have to purchase atleast 2x worker LP potions a day to get to 5k LP a day, so an increased cost of 100 Gold a day.

The Reward
1x Archeum Tree will drop 1-4 random type of Archeum, so either sunlight dust (red), moonlight dust (blue) or star dust (green)

46x Archeum Tree reward, from 46 to 184 dusts for 1 Harvest, 92 to 368 dusts for 2 Harvests.

The End Result
For this test the end result will be what matters, so starting from tomorrow (17.04.2015 6am) I will be playing hardcore archeum tree farmer (so 2 harvests a day) up until the (24.04.2015 6am). so for 1 week. and we will see if the result is worth the time, LP and effort.

To also test the RNG system on the Archeum Trees I will be posting my daily take in this thread, so for example: Harvest 1 16:00, 10 sunlight dust, 40 moonlight dust, 25 starlight dust.

Would be nice to compare the end result with fishing and tradepack runs, end profit comparisson. So if anyone would like to do fishing and or tradepack rundown to compare to in a week, then you are welcome.

04-16-2015, 01:21 AM
Thank you for doing this, I will sure follow it and I'm very looking forward for the results

Oibaf the Bard
04-16-2015, 01:34 AM
I believe it has already been said in one of the last livestreams that archeum trees will start dropping shards and (rarely) crystals. This should make it more profitable/good way to farm archeum to craft equipment/weapons.

04-16-2015, 07:39 AM
I can tell you now that if you are farming archeum for profit, it is not currently worth it. If you are farming it to keep yourself insulated from the archeum market and it's unpredictable jumps, and if you are able to use all 3 types of archeum, it is kind of worth it.

Best way to get archeum (at least sunlight) is to find the mobs that drop it as loot. I was farming 20+ sunlight shards an hour with zero labor put in. There are a few tricks to it, but if I figured them out I'm sure others could.

04-16-2015, 08:00 AM
I believe it has already been said in one of the last livestreams that archeum trees will start dropping shards and (rarely) crystals. This should make it more profitable/good way to farm archeum to craft equipment/weapons.

Yeah and the Archeum Trees will also :
1) change from being perennial to annual (That means after harvesting they disappear)
2) Increase in size (atm you can fit 10 on a 16x16, it will change to 4)

They will drop from coinpurses in Auroria.
2 zones will have their mineral water removed.

Anyone who was interested in this should have been trying to get land in those 2 other zones a while back.

04-16-2015, 08:15 AM
Cool I'm looking forward to it. Please do mention the ones that turn into TS. Thanks!

Oibaf the Bard
04-16-2015, 10:34 AM
wait, what? which zones are gonna have mineral water removed?

04-16-2015, 11:53 AM
I found what LiB was talking about.

video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SpiKVRPHa-0

04-16-2015, 10:55 PM
Test has been aborted, reason being that there is new info on the Archeum Tree update in 1.7, no need for a test when archeum trees will be proffitable again.