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04-16-2015, 11:20 PM
Hey all,This thread has devolved into being non-constructive. As the incident has been clarified, there's no further need for this thread to remain open. In case you missed it, Khrolan's reply is below:
Hi all,I wanted to confirm that this is indeed me test streaming from Public Test Server in preparation for our Live Stream tomorrow as you can see from my ship's sails. The channel this was broadcast from is largely unused but I've streamed from it in the past to both demo content and test before Live Streams. I've now become aware that some users who had previously followed the channel may have received an alert that I was online and was broadcasting.I'm happy to say that this is a small part of the content we'll be talking about tomorrow from 2:30 to 3:30 PM PDT. It's unfortunate that it was exposed early but that's my fault for testing it this way. To answer some of the questions in this thread:- The Inkblack Glider Image Item and Fae Costumes are rewards everyone will be able to obtain with Merit Badges (obtained form completing achievements)- I'm initially piloting a Growling Yawl with epic tier sails and I'll walk through its capabilities tomorrow on the stream- The Tsunami Figurehead is what I'm using on the modified Lutesong Junk to have it quickly turn- Sea Serpent Propellant is what those serpents are on the front of the clipper - they provide a short duration boost- The Tidal Bungalo will not be released with Dread Prophecies but as you can see there's now a marine housing zone off the shore of Diamond Shores- In the last shots you can see the Manor from the SoA test relocated to Golden RuinsI'm really looking forward to doing the run through tomorrow with you all. As a side note: It's never my intent to provide content ahead of time to select individuals. I've gone through lengths to always be transparent with you guys and I maintain that position today.-Khro

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