View Full Version : WTS/WTT Divine obsidian bow tier 2 and celestial delphinad lightning bow n more! pics included!On Tahyang but willing to work through AH)

04-18-2015, 08:38 PM

I'm on Tahyang but willing to work through AH for the server group. Numbers next to the item is about what I am looking for. I'm open to trades and negotiation however that being said I am mostly looking for gold and Delphinad gale or squall leather though. I am not in a rush to sell anything so I don't know whether my prices will go down worse comes to worse i even stone it or blow stuff up haha.

I have sold a divine bow before and that number is pretty static. Also I've sold celestial bows for around that price is around what I am looking for.

I'm having trouble linking the picture of the bow so you'll have to go to the imgur link. Sorry fellas

7/7 heroic mostly gemmed magnificent lake plate set (2k)
multiple Celestial Obsidian bows (3k)
Divine Obsidian bow tier 2 (10.5k)
Arcane Epherium Earth Scepter (1.8k)
Unique Epherium Tidal bow (1.9k)
Celestial Delphinad Lightning Bow