View Full Version : GM Fasti: Credit Purchases

04-19-2015, 12:00 AM
Last night I purchased $20.00 in credits. I checked my bank account today and I have two transactions on hold, both for $20.00. This is the second time I have purchased credits and both times I see duplicates on my banking website. Both also have separate transaction ID's. I would really like someone to clear this up for me.I dont mind buying goods online and no other company has said hey you spent 20 with us today but we are going to place 40 on hold. Hey there,Our billing system, as with all online retailers, is an automated request system. You complete steps on your end to make a purchase, we then send a request for those funds to your financial institution. We don't request the funds twice. If we wanted to charge you again, at your own request, our system doesn't allow our support staff to do that. Once the request is made, some financial institutions place money on hold until the transaction processes. If the bank places your funds on hold, and separately attempts to pay out the charge from a pool of money not being held, those are decisions that we do not have any way of modifying. I really am very sorry that this process hasn't been smooth for you.

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