View Full Version : Khrolan: Problem with Kraken on pole new 1.7 content

04-21-2015, 11:10 AM
Hi guys,There's some confusion about this so I wanted to clarify our intent. As a general rule, the NA and EU versions have expanded rewards for a larger subset of players instead of highly rewarding few players. You'll notice this trend in the total payout of events like the fishing contest. Here are the intended differences in versions for this specific world encounter:Korean Version: Drops ~100 crystals that sell for 200 gold each for a max possible total of 20,000 goldDrops 30-40 Reward boxes containing 18-20 Gilda StarsNA/EU versions:Drops ~300 crystals that sell for 70 gold each for a max possible total of 21,000 goldDrops 30-40 Reward boxes containing 5-10 Ship Component Regrade ScrollsNote that there are several mechanics in Dread Prophecies that are unchanged from the Korean version for instance the Delphinad Register from Delph Ghost Ships. It's worth 3k gold. The intent is to maintain some high value gold entry points and diversify others to appeal to a wider group of play styles. If you see that the number of crystals doesn't reflect the values I mention that's absolutely something I'll look into.-Khro

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