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04-22-2015, 12:02 PM
Hello everyone,

I thought I'd post it here. I know odds are very low we will get this, but I would /love/ to have mannequins for stuff. We already have such mannequins on Mirage Isle - they demonstrate costumes. I would love to be able to craft or buy them and dress them into armor pieces or costumes, that I want to show (off).

I am a tailor with - currently (pre 1.7) - 94050 proficiency and I do have orders for items quite often. I am also a role-player and do own some houses. I would like to be able to show armor, that I can craft (or am currently selling) by putting it onto the mannequin. I am not talking about selling it right off this item - that would be awesome, but most likely is never going to happen; I am talking about just putting clothes/plate/leather or costume (or even individual pieces thereof) onto that mannequin and allow people to look at it all.

That would most likely raise their interest in a certain item - for appearance or even stat-purposes - and I could sell armor even better.

@Trion: do you know if something such as this might be perhaps coming with 1.8 (housing customizations) or if it is at least possible to suggest that to them? I really think it would be nice for next to everyone and while it is not a game changer, I would definitely be interested in it.

Thanks for reading!

P.s.: there are mannequins, that do not take any clothes etc., but are sort-of "empty", as well, but those are not exactly what I am looking for.