View Full Version : Khrolan: Pirate can't live in Golden Ruins?

04-23-2015, 10:40 AM
There are a lot of good points, justifications and ideas here. I can't safely say that I know of a place in ArcheAge where "pirates have it easy". There are pros and cons (mostly cons) to being a criminal and that's the way it's been. I realize we're trained to herald equality but the bottom line is pirates are outcasts from society. I realize most of us killed a level 5 mount 300 times to get there but the system is designed to offer an alternative lifestyle to notorious criminals. If I was a seed vendor and I saw a pirate coming I'd probably run the other way not discuss the benefits of barley vs. oats vs. quinoa. Diamond Shores is a bit of an oddity due to our region specific customizations but that should be considered a benefit to pirates, not a right.I've been a pirate since launch because I prefer alternative game play and refreshing perspective. It's true that sometimes when I'm frustrated I say "what's the point?" and contemplate going green. That's when Morpheus reminds me that this is a life I choose and I'm welcome to leave at any time - that no one forced me to do it and if I don't like it I can pack up my bags and sail south. You've heard me say that before on the live stream but those are his words, not mine. Pirate is about adjusting your play style to the mechanics - not forcing the mechanics to adapt to your play style.-Khro

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