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04-23-2015, 11:30 AM
Something else we wanted to test out on PTS before putting it in patch notes: PRE-PAID TAXES.You'll now find a "Prepay" button on the Housing Info UI. http://i.imgur.com/kiTYem5.pngUsing this button allows you to pay up to 5 weeks of taxes in advance, one week at a time.http://i.imgur.com/EMHNlPO.pngThere's no counter showing "how many weeks advance paid", so keep an eye on the housing info UI's "protected until" timer to see how far out your taxes are paid through:http://i.imgur.com/N0nJPgO.pngA couple of restrictions:- Houses must be current on existing taxes in order to use the pre-pay feature.- Houses with prepaid taxes cannot be put up for sale.We'll be adding this to the official Dread Prophecies patch notes assuming it continues to function as expected on PTS. :)

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