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04-26-2015, 10:04 AM
So what i`m hearing a lot is that AA is no Game for PvE Player.

And sadly i came to the Conclusion that this Statement is very true.

I know that every Game has to earn Bucks to keep the developing ongoing and i don`t have complains about the P2W Aspect at PvP. AA is here not much different than any other F2P Game.

What i was hoping for was, that the PvE Content here is much more evolved and can stand for itself.

When i started the Game i was thinking there is so much to do and that leveling the Vocations would be disbursing enough to enjoy the Game even on the Start continents.
But it`s rather only a necessity to craft Weapons,Armors and Accessory.

And what surprise is that they even lowered the requirements to Craft Weapons.
This could not scream more that PvE does not matter enough.

Anyway it`s not about P2W this Topic it`s about the lack of Motivation to evolve the PvE Aspect of this Game.

It`s about what some of us are missing or wishing for into this Game.

- A new and better meaning for the start Continents.
- Vocations that will bring new and more Trade Packs also for the start Continents
- A chance to Build a epic Archeum Water Pipeline from Auroria to Nuia + Haranya
- An extension for prepayments for the Land property
- Being able to craft a small LP Potion.

I`m aware that implementing some or all of such Content would decrease the income for the Company
But this Game could attract much more paying Player if the PvE Aspect would be more balanced and evolved.
At least into my Eyes.

Thanks for reading and my best wishes!