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04-28-2015, 01:20 PM
Hi all,I’m proud to announce the NA Server Winners for the Bearing Treasures (http://www.trionworlds.com/archeage/en/2015/04/23/bearing-treasures-from-distant-shores-april-24-27/) Cross-Seas Tradepack event. Many players participated and if you managed to turn in at least one pack for any Stabilizers during the event you’ll receive 20 Loyalty Points through in-game mail. The competition was fierce but at the conclusion of the event the following players proved to be the most successful. Congratulations to all top contestants. Please note that winners will recieve your rewards via in-game mail in the near future.If you managed to get any good screenshots from the event please feel free to post them.NORTH AMERICAN SERVERS:== ARANZEB ==WINNER 1st Place) Unji 1394 Packs2nd Place) Ykeara 641 Packs3rd Place) Malvena 130 Packs4th Place) Negate 123 Packs5th Place) Jey 93 packs== CALLEIL ==WINNER 1st Place) Soulcaster 784 Packs2nd Place) Fireofly 161 Packs3rd Place) Marishka 118 Packs4th Place) Hieyjean 61 Packs5th Place) Biigbear 57 Packs== ENLA ==WINNER 1st Place) Tabby 1687 Packs2nd Place) Xaser 1199 Packs3rd Place) Sephiroth 926 Packs4th Place) Draco 378 Packs5th Place) Godzi 142 Packs== EZI ==WINNER 1st Place) Gabby 278 Packs2nd Place) Riddler 105 Packs3rd Place) Junkmonk 97 Packs4th Place) Elendriss 91 Packs5th Place) Skeeg 69 Packs== INOCH ==WINNER 1st Place) Ninjerk 649 Packs2nd Place) Nela 405 Packs3rd Place) Sunsetfallen 356 Packs4th Place) Lyvectra 214 Packs5th Place) Seta 196 Packs== KYRIOS ==WINNER 1st Place) Couo 479 Packs2nd Place) Jyna 428 Packs3rd Place) Cherylyn 193 Packs4th Place) Archived 117 Packs5th Place) Leao 114 Packs== LUCIUS ==WINNER 1st Place) Jetblack 721 Packs2nd Place) Heman 273 Packs3rd Place) Notbumble 254 Packs4th Place) Zedeh 163 Packs5th Place) Cheesecat 131 Packs== NAIMA ==WINNER 1st Place) Polar 825 Packs2nd Place) Nightwing 392 Packs3rd Place) Shinnya 226 Packs4th Place) Abuse 158 Packs5th Place) Diavolelatino 157 Packs== OLLO ==WINNER 1st Place) Zakai 1992 Packs2nd Place) Ignitar 1222 Packs3rd Place) Tric 70 Packs4th Place) Koss 65 Packs5th Place) Jellyfish 65 Packs== SALPHIRA ==WINNER 1st Place) Davammas 1248 Packs2nd Place) Enkidu 480 Packs3rd Place) Cashslap 272 Packs4th Place) Akamea 155 Packs5th Place) Maestrodos 124 Packs== TAHYANG ==WINNER 1st Place) Jara 1010 Packs2nd Place) Dirtydirty 791 Packs3rd Place) Debe 396 Packs4th Place) Doktar 346 Packs5th Place) Force 189 PacksRewards will be distributed through in-game mail to the top 5 traders per region.EVENT STATISTICS:NA SERVERS TOP 5 TRADERS

Zakai – Ollo – 1992 Packs
Tabby – Enla – 1687 Packs
Unji – Aranzeb – 1394 Packs
Davammas – Salphira – 1248 Packs
Ignitar – Ollo – 1222 Packs

Zakai – Ollo-NA – 1992 Packs
Tabby – Enla-NA – 1687 Packs
Silversurfer – Eanna-EU – 1589 Packs
Unji – Aranzeb-NA – 1394 Packs
Shieldnoob – Eanna-EU – 1341 Packs
Total Tradepacks for Stabilizers NA: 62,718Total Tradepacks for Stabilizers EU: 43,781Total Tradepacks for Stabilizers Combined: 106,499Top NA Server: Enla 7,018 PacksTop EU Server: Eanna 6,981 PacksEstimated Labor Spent on Packs (Including Growing Materials): 18,400,000 LPThank you all for your participation and we look forward to seeing your success in a future event!-Khro

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