View Full Version : Scapes: Can NOT log on anymore.

04-30-2015, 05:20 PM
So hey guys, I'm having a problem with the game as I see it is common. I've been playing this game normally every day with no problems logging on except for the long wait. I've leveled my character and have turned in all my quests with no bugs. After this patch on April 28, 2015, I've managed to play only once after that. Now for the past 100 tries... literally. I have yet to be able to play without getting disconnected after selecting my server. After clicking connect on server selection it goes to a black screen saying the gods have disconnected me and shuts off. I've deleted the glyph folder in appdata, I've manually updated hackshield, All anti-virus programs are turned off and windows defender/Microsoft security essentials/Windows firewall is turned off as well. I've even gone as far as reinstalling the game. Now I have nothing else to depend on getting me back in the game. Please if anybody has any information.. that would be extremely helpful. because I'm stuck. Our Support Team can help with technical issues like these: http://support.trionworlds.com

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