View Full Version : GM Fasti: Splash Screen

05-03-2015, 03:10 AM
So before the patch I could log onto the game with out problem, now it freezes at the splash screen. I have tried all of the suggestions ie, delete the asc folder, run hackshield as admin and then relaunch, turned off my firewall...nothing works.I will say that it does seem to be a hackshield problem because before you could see hacksheild launch and go through its process, as brief as it was, but now I don't even see hackshield start up, What antivirus program are you using? Enable it again, check to see if there are any updates available for it, then add the full Glyph folder as an exception. Once that is done, check for any quarantined files and release any that are tied to Glyph or ArcheAge, then try the game again.

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