View Full Version : GM Fasti: Unreadable dialog box @ login, then game stops

05-03-2015, 06:50 AM
I see. I moved hotels. Archeage may not like something about the ports opened here. Worked fine from the previous hotel. I haven't updated anything on the computer (auto-updates are disabled, only enabled when I connect to my work network which I won't do that again for another week)The live-chat had me changing nvidia driver settings to try to resolve this problem btw... entirely different theory over there on what is wrong. Unless the concern was trying to get that dialog box to be readable -- which I agree is an important goal. How can an end-users address the game-client's concern if the info-box is unreadable.Being stuck on the intro cinematic is definitely an authentication error. The wording on the error that pops up is likely, "Login Failed. Verify Username and Password." It could also be an error indicating that the service is unavailable and to check your network settings and try again later. Both of those errors can happen when authentication fails.Just to clarify, the last time you signed in was before the most recent patch, and from another location? After a patch of this size, your antivirus program may no longer recognize ArcheAge as the same program, which is why I suggest modifying your permissions again.Were you able to update the video driver and make the error clear?

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