View Full Version : GM Fasti: Glyph Authentication Code Will not send /Not receiving code

05-06-2015, 02:20 AM
I have sent 4 tickets in in the past week... no reply on any of them. I miss my friends and I do not want to lose my mansion with 7000+ gold worth of items that I have invested a years worth of work into!! =( Thank you for all your work, Fasti. I apologize if you guys just haven't been able to get to the tickets yet, but just making sure that it is getting worked on. I sent more tickets before I realized that these forums don't require 2fa to login.I have a *@gmx.com email. I've received these 2fa code emails in the past just fine. I've been playing for around a year, always was able to receive them.Tickets: 155624156331158668158896Please help!! =( Hey there,Sorry for the wait, but I responded to your oldest ticket and closed out the rest.
Same here. Ticketnumber: 158074Tried severel times but still no authentication code.Two or three month ago it worked fine for me without any problem on the same e-mail account. But now itīs impssible to get that code Yes, this issue only started recently. Before this, those providers were properly routing our authentication emails to players, and have only recently stopped doing so. We're working with them to get this sorted out, but for now, changing your email address to a provider that properly delivers these emails will resolve this in 100% of cases.

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