View Full Version : GM Fasti: Glyph Authentication Code Will not send /Not receiving code

05-07-2015, 12:10 AM
Just curious, support tickets are checked only after someone alert their problem at forum? Also how does @Fasti pick which one "tickets" should receive respond, cuz i feel so ignored at page 48 ^_^ Hi there!All tickets submitted are handled by the GM team, no need for posting to the forums. However, when an issue is preventing people from playing completely, we like to make every effort to get them sorted out with minimal waiting. In this case, I go through all the tickets posted in this thread by hand and follow up to get everyone back in the game as quickly as possible.I do, at some point, leave work for the day, but as soon as I get back, I come to check on you guys and get as many questions answered, and issues fixed as I possibly can.Things are definitely busy at the moment, and we're doing all we can to get every ticket answered, so please bear with us. If you ever see me post that everyone has an update, and you don't have an update, feel free to post your ticket number to the thread again.Thanks!

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