View Full Version : Mumble in Adminstrator before loading up archeage causes it to "crash".

07-20-2014, 07:08 PM
So I randomly started getting cryrender.dll 126 errors out of the blue when I tried to launch archeage just recently. I also recently had to change mumble to launch in administrator (other wise something in the game, or the hack shield pro program intercepts whatever hot key I have bound for push to talk). Anyway, if I have mumble open and in administrator before I try to launch archeage, it crashes. If I open up archeage BEFORE I open up mumble, it launches fine. If I launch up archeage with mumble open (not in administrator) it launches fine.

Not sure if other voips like ts3 or ventrilo cause the same issue, but it's worth investigating.

tl;dr the issue seems to be when running certain programs (like mumble) as administrator. For whatever reason, they will prevent archeage from launching.