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05-12-2015, 08:50 AM
Honestly though, any word on 1.7 bug fixes? Are there bug fixes in this downtime? I know you all were/are in Korea, but some information on when we can start seeing fixes would be nice. No, this is a server maintenance with no game update. Part of the purpose of the Korea visit is to discuss priority fixes and rebalancing.
Fix IRONCLADS!The visit includes discussing ironclads.
Please fix the "Perma Lag" It sucks not being able to play since new update. Can you be more specific?
Hi Scape, is it possible to get the bears fixed i dont like white blobs, and my guildie is scared of the red and black bears hehe thanks We've reported this bug to XLGAMES for a fix.
also wahh crystalized regret ^_^This will be fixed in our next major build.
This ! This can usually be resolved with a game restart.

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