View Full Version : Issues with /whisper text

07-21-2014, 08:58 AM
Summary: Unable to use certain characters in whisper text. For example, using a character v (like in words have, invite and so on) caused the v not to show, but instead the game inserted a random fragment from my previous whispers. Not full lines, but just couple of words or even starting from half a word. It happened during conversations with many different individuals and I was unable to to chat to them normally - kept deleting that inserted part or accidentally sent of gibberish until I was forced to replace all v-characters with w (like hawe, inwite). (As if game randomly copied parts of my sentences and considered each v to be ctrl+v!).

Steps to Reproduce: It just happened when I used /whisper for private conversations.

Frequency: In all conversations I have had in this game so far.

Severity: 4 - Coupled with the heavy censoring (all words ending with -ing get replaced with asterisks), it was impossible to have a discussion. Had to find clever ways to rephrase what I am saying and disregard any grammar rules.

System Specs: System Specs: PC Windows Vista 64, Q6600 2.40, 4 GB RAM, Geforce GT 610, Thompson Speedtouch, DSL (wifi).

Additional Notes: Oh and Logitech keyboard with Estonian (ET) layout. Used EN(US) language for the game though. Could it be my keyboard? But I have used the same (or similar keyboard for large number of MMORPGS and never had any issues).