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05-16-2015, 03:27 PM
I'm on Calleil

I'm mostly a farmer/gatherer/husbandry/logging type. All >80K or more.

I'm quitting. I posted this among the bugs b/c of the reason I'm quitting. There are more turn-coats among my faction than there are compatriots.

Reds bored with hunting their own have expanded into Nui/Elf terrifory, but for the exploit in the justice system they are immune to ever achieving Pirate status. They are so prolific that they walk on water now. Isn't it great to be GOD?!

I'll let you figure out how badly you have failed this community on your own. I will, given opportunity, let the Koreans know, via business@xlgames.com, how much cash my leaving is going cost this game (and their cut)... it's not nothing.

This is were Devs in the game matter...but they can't be players. I know many of the Devs appear to have vested interest in the game's performance. We're all human, it's not a giant leap to see you protect one faction, one guild, one mechanic over another; but you need unbiased observations.

If you have those- they are seriously failing... you have them and acknowledge them- you are failing.

You are begging to become the next Aion. You're only success... launching when nothing else big or better is launching.. is hardly an accomplishment. You can tell your next Boss, "We were the least evil choice among current games"... (I'd love to know how that works out btw).

I don't see anything to crow about.

You've heard my complaint- now tell me why I should recommend others to play your game?!

What incentive or outlook could you provide that would counter my actual experience from 1 week after launch until today?!


05-16-2015, 03:55 PM

Takes 5 active members to get a Guilty verdict... takes 1 afk or no vote to get innocent. Simple... folks do have 3rd party apps... they used it throughout the time when offline labor was ♥♥♥♥ to stay active and online.

Now they use it to get away with murder. Of course it's not every trial... but it's enough of them. It's delayed their rise to Pirate and allowed them to keep land in civilized zones... sacrificing guild status among otherwise respectable guilds.

It should have been fix #1 for this patch... but it wasn't even mentioned... kinda wonder what Dev has been walking on water? None play during off peak hours? No pvp'rs? Seriously?!

Or just purposely being stupid b/c it benefited you? Believe the last mostly...but then who would vote against a Dev player?

At a minimum it should require 5 Innocent votes to reduce infamy... regardless of jail time... If 4 so none and 1 yes... no jail and they keep the infamy... it continues to rise unless they avail themselves the quests to reduce or buy potion from store.