View Full Version : Game loading

07-21-2014, 02:32 PM
Problem 1: When logging into the glyph client and clicking play it takes the game about a minute roughly before it comes up. All there is, is the green continent with the words VERY SLOWLY highlighting one at a time. This is ESPECIALLY annoying with the frequent random kicks from the 'Gods' (we love you!) that have been occurring.

Problem 2: I ran the game in full screen mode, so for any instance in which I needed to alt-tab out to look up information about the game on the internet, on alt-tabbing back to the game the screen would stay black for nearly 1 minute with the game cursor being the only thing I could see. I could hear all the sounds, but only could see the black screen. Eventually a load screen with a loading bar at the bottom would appear at 100% and sit for a few more seconds before actually letting me see my character again. This happened every time and I run a high-end system able to handle this with ease, so it should not have been happening. I multitask with high end MMOs all the time, and this is the only game that does this.