View Full Version : Scapes: Update on Server Transfer and Future Plans

05-22-2015, 06:20 PM
Adventurers,This week, the Production Team returned from a two-week visit with developer XLGAMES in Korea where they discussed the latest developments, upcoming content, and player feedback. One of the more common requests from our players has been the ability to switch servers with their characters’ progress and material wealth to join friends and fight new foes. Following the team’s meetings with programmers and project leads, we have an update to share on this topic.Currently, server transfers are offered in XLGAMES’ local Korean service but it’s a very manual process and takes a considerable amount of time. The good news is that an automated, expedient version of this service is already in development. The technology involved in transferring characters and their possessions between servers is slated to be available later this year. It can also be used on a broader scale, even applying it to entire servers.We do not currently have plans to merge servers in the traditional sense. Instead, we plan something altogether different and look forward to revealing the plan as soon as we work out the details. As we get closer to being able to offer server transfers, a list of frequently-asked questions will be published well in advance of the service being made available. We welcome your feedback about this on the forums and look forward to being able to allow you to change which server your hero calls home!

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