View Full Version : TrionBrasse: Update on Server Transfer and Future Plans

05-22-2015, 11:20 PM
What we should have added to the original post: We'll start working on an FAQ asap (like next week). We know you want answers and we need to work out the technical details at the same time. Please DO continue to post your thoughts, and more importantly, your questions, to this thread. I'm making notes. LAND is very important to all of us, obviously, so how that will be handled during this very non-traditional evolution is at the top of my list. Gear, money, honor, etc. Those are the other obvious questions. I also realize that it's hard to pose questions before we put up at least a bare-bones FAQ on our plans. Bear with us. We'll be talking about this with all our fellow players for MONTHS before it comes to pass, and your input is important. Clearly this game also needs DWARVES, but I'll hold off on that revolution for a while. Maybe. ;-)# Brasse

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