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07-22-2014, 10:55 AM
First off I'll start with describing my experience:

The first day was a little rocky and had a ton of irritating moments, the late delay on the second server caused a pause in gameplay while my guildmates were deciding on staying with Aranzeb or jumping to Naima, ultimately two of them joined another guild as far as I know. Character Creation was great and the save/load function is a major improvement over the RU temp save, I can now skip character creation for launch or if a wipe happens during beta. Overall I made a generic Firran at the beginning, later using my Founder credits to buy a Salon Certificate to fix her and getting a Salon only Hairstyle, as well as some inventory expansions.

Questing and gameplay was as expected with the hundreds of new players that just logged in, had to use the bow to tag monsters even though I was a mage. The only part of the questing that almost made me quit for the day was trying to kill Windspeakers for the story mission, these mobs weren't just tag and go, you apparently had to also do the most damage to be able to loot them. The only reason I was able to move on from this quest was a server restart and getting back on before the horde. I easily spent over an hour just attempting to complete that quest. From that point on I was ahead of the horde and could freely quest and level at my own pace, even jumping to the other zone to play with some guildies that made Harani.

Labor points as a Patron were fine provided I AFKed throughout the night to get a constant 10/5, this however isn't the intended method of getting LP. Doing this I was able to open all coinpurses, identify all quest rewards, gather anything I came across, and level one profession at a decent rate. A couple of non-patron guildies couldn't even open all of their loot bags, let alone gather or craft, the initial crafting quests in Tigerspine and Mahadevi weren't even completed by them.

Crafting is currently gimped as you get only enough Archeum dust to make the level 24(tier 2) gear even in the 30s. Not being able to dismantle dungeon loot was a major downer when I mentored a couple guildies through Palace Cellar. Making the full tier 1 then upgrading that to tier 2 consumed about 500 LP worth of iron ore, which took another 300-400 to smelt into ingots, then crafting took anywhere from 1000-1500 LP, I don't see how crafting would even be feasible to the majority of players while leveling. This in turn makes the low level gear completely moot between the LP required and the lack of Archeum.

Quest rewards are also quite inconvenient, there's a decent gap between each set of gear and weapons and once you get a new weapon you gain a major power spike. Not being able to see stats on the different pieces of gear is also a major problem, during one set of rewards I chose the Cloth gear, only to find out that only one piece had Intellect on it. Out of the seven pieces of cloth armor almost all were Strength, Agility, and another stat, at this point is when I decided to craft the plate armor instead of rely on inconsistent quest rewards.

To those reading I started the game as a Demonologist(Sorcery/Occultism/Witchcraft) and during my time playing I tried many different classes including Executioner(Battlerage/Shadowplay/Occultism), Daggerspell(Sorcery/Witchcraft/Shadowplay), Blade Dancer(Battlerage/Shadowplay/Songcraft), and Shroudmaster(Occultism/Witchcraft/Shadowplay) all of which had their ups and downs. I wore plate armor after I got tired of the quest reward lottery and wielded a staff from quests, this gave me Strength, Intelligence, and Stamina on all of my armor and having a decent melee and magic attack. Plate armor was the easiest to make since I could mine a lot of Iron out in the world, where the other two armor sets I required a farm to grow cotton or livestock, there just isn't nearly the same amount of plants, animals, or trees as there is ore.

Speaking of farms, by the time I got around to looking for a place to settle down, all of the "safe" zones were filled to capacity. Currently I have a farm house and a small farm sitting in my warehouse collecting dust as the only viable areas are the PvP zones, which I'll talk about next.

PvP, well from my experience after getting onto Ynystere was horrible as a medium level caster, and decent as a terrible specced melee. All but one death in the zone was from same faction murder and I was killed over a dozen times, the trial system was more of an entertainment and attention grab than a punishment. Often times the murderer would only get a few minutes(Below 15) of jail time, then go right back to slaughtering their own faction. I've also encountered people cheating the nui statue protection, while someone is away at a statue another player can walk behind them, summon and unsummon their mount, pushing the victim away from the protection as the mount runs forward during the unsummon.

As for my own opinion on PvP as a caster was almost impossible to do anything, the long cast times meant interruptions and cc before I could get off a single one, witchcraft doesn't get instant CC until lvl 40+, sorcery's one instant at this point is only a chill effect that is bypassed by gap closers. On the other side of the spectrum, playing a melee class was quite easy to stick on people, having several gap closers, completely instant and high damage. All in all, to anyone leveling through quests in a PvP zone I would recommend playing a melee or archer unless you can get 40% cast reduction or are playing a class with instant spells.

The last part of my experience will be a little on class balance, mostly the fact that Sorcery, Battlerage, and Archery are a focus for any DPS class leaving Occultism and Shadowplay to a support role:
Casting classes: Sorcery might have cast times but they can easily blow up any monster in a few seconds just using Frost arrow and Firebolt, the lightning spell isn't needed since you can't combo it till after you get arc lightning at 40 or possibly taking Vitalism's impale. Occultism takes nearly three times longer to kill a monster with the low damage mana stars and its 40 sec cooldown spells, with Crippling Mire only comboing with physical skills or taunts and life absorb only getting the distress combo from the same and stuns only last 1/3 of its channel. Final passives however are fine for these, Occultism needs the cooldown since they are so long, but could definitely use a damage increase. The other caster skillsets are purely to support your other skillsets without giving you a "filler" spell. Witchcraft would almost be a viable main skillset if its 9 point passive worked as the tooltip displays.

Battlerage vs Shadowplay: Both have gap closers, both have decent damage scaling, the biggest differences are with the passives. Battlerage gets many great passives that include attack speed, crit chance, skill resets, reduced cd, lowering defense, cc reduction, and straight increased damage. Shadowplay recieves evasion passives, a cd reduction for its already short cooldowns instead of increased damage, and ranged damage reduction. Threat generation reduction in my experience is a moot point, so its only real damage passive is increased crit chance which battle rage has on a lower passive, doesn't need to proc it, and also gets ranged damage reduction through duel wield parry.

Hybrids: Caster/Healer hybrids are invalid as you would need to switch weapons to do the other, incurring the weapon swap cd. Melee or Archer/Healer hybrids however can simply equip a club to get decent physical and healing power but has limited mana.
Melee/Caster hybrids are similar to melee/healer just equip a scepter/staff, but will do more better with battlerage and shadowplay together using a magic skillset for support.

I'll refrain from commenting on Archery as I dislike the playstyle and Defense as I didn't test it.

Onto the bugs that I've found, which aren't too many.
Tooltip Errors:
Occultism: Mana Stars does not inflict the Distressed debuff, believe this was mentioned in patch notes but the tooltip wasn't updated
Witchcraft: Augment Witchcraft reads "Removes Earthen Grip's cooldown." it instead removes its cast time, making it instant.
Songcraft: Hold the Note may want to be clarified that it increases channel time rather than the duration of the buff that is applied.

Interface Errors:
After the first day of learning the controls and layout, I setup my controls how I wanted, crashed and had to reset them all again.
Every time I would log out or crash the 3rd bar that I split into two vertical bars would stack on top of the other and remove a couple of items/skills from the bar.

Players can push others out of the Nui Protection buff by unsummoning their mount.
All Nui Priestesses still have Korean text for their quests.
Many of the voice overs in game are still Korean.

Sometimes monsters will go completely immune if you step on a hill, even though they can still deal damage to the player.
Drop Back from Shadowplay interacts oddly with hills and walls, sometimes flinging the player up the hill or twice as far as it should

Remove LP cost for identifying items and opening loot bags. If there needs to be something against identifying items maybe put an NPC in towns that charges money to do it or add and identify stone to the game like the dawnstone or hereafter stones.
Labor Points seems to be inteneded for well, labor intensive tasks, like mining ore, chopping trees, working a farm, building a house, or crafting a shiny new item, stuff that is physically demanding. For the love of anything and everything don't take that as a reason to put LP restrictions on fighting.
Current loot system is extremely boring, the world is almost lifeless in this aspect, monsters don't have crafting materials aside from the "self-sufficent" quest line in Mahadevi. Everything just drops the same grey coin pouch for a couple silver with a one in a million chance to get a item.
Increase the chance for generic loot to drop, I was one of the lucky few that actually had a single item drop, which turned out to be agility plate. Nothing in the world has apparently worn or eaten equipment aside from a single pirate wizard that liked being nimble in heavy plate armor. These items don't have to be unique just a random armor type with some random stats that aren't as good as the crafted stuff.
Allow dungeon drops to be dismantled, combining coin pouches, increased generic loot, and dismantling boss drops would fix the lack of Archeum that exists in the world. This would have to be tested and polished for a good balance or people will solo lower level dungeons to combine into higher level archeum.
Fix quest rewards so that players know what they're getting, acquiring Strength cloth from a quest isn't good for a magic user when the next armor set isn't for 10 or so levels.

07-23-2014, 09:07 AM
Nice report. I cant comment much on the class stuff you described as it was not something that I concentrated on. I did play an Archer for a short time but was really not happy with the mana regen issue. Was nearly always out after each mob and had to have downtime to regen with food or pots.

Your suggestions are great. I love the ideas regarding Id of items, paying an NPC or buying an ID scroll or other item is a nice touch that I do remember seeing is some older games.
Drop rates for gear and items definitely needs looking at. After collecting about 6-700 loot bags which took forever to open, I think i had maybe about a dozen archeum dust of 3 varieties and no gear or other items and I wasnt able to open all the bags due to LP issues.

Of all the mobs that I killed to get the bags I had a bout 6 gear drops all of which were useless to me.

Not only do they need to let the player know what the gear is that they are receiving from the quest rewards, they also need to sort out what is being offered. I was playing a Battlerage warrior that depended on a sword, shield and bow. I was able to choose the sword from 1 quest but the next quest offered the bow and shield which I had to choose between meaning 1 item was always levels behind the other. I could have used the AH i guess........

07-23-2014, 09:51 AM
The mana issue is a problem with just about every class, save maybe the ones taking the Occultism passives. Sorcery wasn't to bad, provided you took the reduced mana passive and spammed a lot of firebolt, but that was the most effective method anyways; Frost Arrow into Enervate then spam Firebolt till Frost Arrow came back up, rinse and repeat. I could take down several monsters before my mana was low but I was using health food after nearly every fight, which got me killed several times from ganks.

Looking through the Auction House isn't really an option, searched a couple of times from 20-30 and 30-40 for all 1H and 2H weapons, I would usually find a single weapon that was 30-50 gold a piece. The economy on beta is pretty much nonexistent as items are too hard to come by without investing many times the length of beta leveling alts for extra Archeum. By the time I had my single character in the Med-High 30s, I only had 50-some gold(spent maybe 10 on trying different classes) and enough materials/labor to make one set of Tier 2(level 24) plate armor for myself. I'm almost to 40 and no where close to getting the next Tier from lack of Archeum, the Iron is simple enough to mine. Archeum dust on the auction house was anywhere between 3 and 5 gold a piece, which the tier 3 gear for level 30 needs several crystals(5 dust = 1 crystal) per piece. I spent most of my time questing and overachieving every possible quest I came across while playing, probably, 8+ hours a day during the beta.

07-23-2014, 12:03 PM
How is this a bug report? please in future try to post into correct sub-forums.

07-23-2014, 12:45 PM
This is the only post I will direct towards off-topic replies and non-constructive feedback for this thread.

Bugs are the bottom third of the post.
This isn't a normal bug report but it is still a report and not a discussion, I'm not looking to make a several page thread. It is what I've tested and found wrong with the game during beta; bugs, opinions, and suggestions. If there was a feedback section of the Beta forums I would have posted it there, however the current forums lacks a place for reports like this. Many are posting in general discussion but I feel that is more of a sub-forum for players to discuss issues among themselves rather than report them to the company.

I could have split the entire post into a few parts with the top in General and the bottom being split between the bug forums; however I felt this was more of a report than a discussion thread. If a moderator finds me in the wrong, I'll edit the post, and repost what I've found in a few threads with the normal bug submission method.

07-23-2014, 01:00 PM
Or they could just allow us a 50% chance for a random dust to come from coin pouches to solve the dust crisis. After all, everything we craft takes at least 5 of the things. If you only get one in several days of playing then there is an issue with the drop rates.

07-23-2014, 10:52 PM
I would direct you to read following posted by scapes:

How to Post a Game Bug Report
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Is it a new one? Help us out by documenting it! Here's what you should include in your post.

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