View Full Version : WTS epherium wave plate,delphinard celes staff,etc

06-01-2015, 04:09 AM
(I'm on Naima east: AH1 Aranzeb Inoch, Kyrios)
Epherium wave plate helm chest glove (Celestial)
Epherium wave plate tasset vambrace leg foot (Unique)
Illustrious lake plate "entire set" (Unique)
Illustrious wave necklace (Divine)
Magnificent wave ring (Unique)
Magnificent wave flute (heroic)

Delphinard Stone Staff (Celestial)

Please whisper me the offer for each items you want. For different server, If the price is reasonable, and agreed, i will set the time with buyer with agreed price on buyout.

06-04-2015, 09:41 PM
These epherium wave pieces will be put in AH this saturday min bid 800g b/o 1300g each. (Except head/chest/pant will be a bit higher)
The delphinard staff will be put in AH this saturday min bid 9000g b/o 15000g.