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06-01-2015, 05:00 PM
In a traditional merge, one server is mushed into another one. This would leave a ton of people at a huge disadvantage, as opposed to the level playing field of a land rush.From Amary (Assoc. Producer): "With 1.2 we added restrictions on the number of houses you can have in progress.When placing new property, if you have two placed properties with unfinished construction, you will be blocked from placing any more. If you have more than two unfinished properties, you will need to reduce that number (through completion or demolition) to bring that number below two before you can claim additional land. Fellowship Plazas do not count towards this limit.So even if someone is hacking, they have a 5 second delay between placements, and a 2 in progress limit.For a new server there are no demos involved anyway ;)The people who are on Evolving servers will have full placement kits, because they're being moved. So they won't be hitting the incomplete limit until they try to place more land than they previously owned."We have gone through land rushes since 1.2 (Diamond Shores, Golden Ruins) that have not resulted in major incidents of land hacking, as reviewed by Devs and CS team.~Brasse

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