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06-01-2015, 05:30 PM
Say I am actually masochistic enough to stick around beyond the 'evolution' (nice attempt at a corporate spin on merger) and I am UNABLE to get land? I have 3 superior chests, 1 illustrious chest, and one of those golden ones that are almost full to bursting with items. What happens to me, then? That's far more than I could fit into my personal inventory or my warehouse and if I am unable to have a house where I can put chests, what do I do?This is of course a concern. I am pretty much maxed out as well, and I suspect many are like us. We are definitely looking at this very carefully. From the FAQ:What happens to my items, honor, etc. with the Evolution?- Our goal is to ensure that all personal, inventory and bank items will transfer, including currency (such as coins and honor). This will be a very complex database challenge. In-game mail will likely not transfer, nor will listed auctions. This makes it important for us to give as much advance notice as possible when we set a date for the Evolution.Items in chests are a special challenge, and will need to have them packed up, one way or another. Based on our personal play experience, we know that most of us are pack rats; we have concerns about those of us with so many items that we canít possibly fit them in warehouse/inventory. We need to find a reasonable way to address that situation. Us pack rats hate having to drop goods!

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