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06-03-2015, 06:40 PM
Couple more question to add to the list:1) If I spend tax certs on my properties, and then the servers merge before my week is up, what happens to those tax credits? Are they just gone?Maybe this is more clear if I use a hypothetical. Let's say I own a property, and the taxes are due every Friday. I pay those taxes on the day they're due. Let's say the server merge happens on a Monday. I've overpaid my taxes by 4 days. I should have 4 more days of taxes already paid, but I'm not getting them.Do I just lose that? Or when I plant my properties on the new server, will they start with 4 days of tax credits?This is especially important because we're only going to be able to put down fully built properties if the property is fully built when the server goes down. If it gets destroyed because of unpaid taxes, then we can't put it down quickly on the merged server. So we're being forced to stay up to date on our taxes, despite the fact that we're not getting the full time benefit of the taxes we're paying. In other words, we're being forced to overpay on taxes.2) When we put down our properties, we're forced to put down a deposit worth 2 weeks of taxes. That deposit is there in case we fail to pay taxes. Well, we're staying current on our taxes, and our property is going away. Is that deposit going to be returned to us? 3) What about items on our property? Will they also be transferred? Beehives, yatas, bears, chicken/duck/goose coops, etc. Because there's no way for us to pick them up and "pack them." And for some of us, that's a pretty large time and money investment. My friend has a yata farm with just the right number of males and females and in just the right places, which took her a long time and a lot of gold to achieve. It would be a shame if that's just going to be lost. Taxes will either be suspended for a period of time, or a way will be implemented to credit or otherwise fix it so that people are not paying needlessly. This is a very important consideration.Item packing is a huge topic with high priority. Most of us are in exactly the same situation you are, so we are aware of the issues at hand. We'll do our very best to find the right solution to this thorny problem.

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