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06-08-2015, 04:40 PM
@ TRIONBRASSEIn the evolution: will you be moving all servers into one, will you be moving full servers into each other or will you be evolving accounts in to new server's and then giving free transfers to other servers. Or will you be charging for transfers? Well, you won't like my answer, but it will become clearer in time, I promise!As stated in the original post, waaaaaaay back on page 1, we all know how important it is to keep guilds together. We are not entirely sure yet how the Evolution will be handled because we are still in the early planning stages, but that is one of the first things we need to finalize. If each Evolving world is moved en masse to a new server, everyone goes at once. If we are actually able to allow people to choose a destination (as many have requested), we will announce that well in advance, because that would take much more coordination for Guild Leaders and Officers. You'll have PLENTY of notice, either way.Brasse

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