View Full Version : Selling Land Bundles > North Two Crowns (Coast) & White Arden

06-09-2015, 08:18 PM
Selling 2 separate land bundles!

1st bundle - North Two Crowns (right on the beach!) Picture below.
Inside the red line is the land that is for sale which includes:
(14) 16x16s
(1) Gazebo
(2) 8x8s - if you want them

There are also (4) 16x16s that are for sale (none connected) on the hill right above (south) of the beach.

2nd bundle - White Arden, NW of Birchkeep housing
This includes:
(4) 24x24s
(1) 16x16
All land connected

*Would PREFER to sell as bundles, but I will keep an open mind to single offers. Land sold as demo.
Will cert if 1) you provide certs or 2) cover cost of certs

Please pm / mail "Joy" in game or message me here, thanks ;)