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06-10-2015, 01:10 PM
I’m against merger and I’m very angry and upset right now. Here’s a list of how I would like you to manage merger to make me (and others) somewhat less upset and angry.1. All items, achievements, gold, honour points, labour points, etc. should be transferred.2. All items stored in chests in our houses should be transferred over and not lost.3. All houses should be transferred pre-packaged so not a single labour point or material should be needed to place the house.4. We should receive tax certificates to compensate for any pre-paid tax. The amount of tax should depend on the size and number of properties.5. All housing decorations should come in a pre-packaged house. Or at least returned to us in some other way.6. In case of not being able to secure the land, all items that do not fit in our inventories and warehouses should be stored somewhere indefinitely.7. Players should receive gold compensation for every built property they own scaled according to the size of the property (same as Freedich, so 2500 gold for 16x16). This is to compensate for any crops, cow pens, larders etc.8. No one but the players that are being moved should access the new server for a week. This should prevent random players from other servers that are not merging or bots and land hackers claiming land.9. Trion should do everything in the power to secure new servers from being DDOS’ed. Remember head start and launch? That was not fun. :-(10. If player is forced to change name, they should receive extra compensation. I would like to see salon certificates or other marketplace item. I usually have certain names for certain character looks. So if I was forced to pick a new name I would like to be able to change the appearance of my character to suit the new name.11. All patrons from the merged servers should receive a month of patron for free. It will take us a while to get everything sorted, before we can start play and enjoy the game again.In addition to the above, we should receive massive compensation for all the inconvenience and stress caused by the server merge. A couple of worker’s compensations will simply not going to be enough. We need $150 packs, Pegasus/Griffin mounts, 10k marketplace credit and other goodies.The compensation should be so massive and attractive that players should start looking forward to the merge. After all, virtual goodies don’t cost you anything. More solid suggestions here, thank you.Adding to the list!Brasse

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