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06-20-2015, 12:52 PM
WTS 2x Bound Destruction Preventive Charm (from main account and from my alt).


What you need to know:
- As a EU player I'm selling both Charms for gold or I can exchange my regrading service for few APEX. No other items.
- You need tradeable item to regrade.
- You give me your items + your gold for regrade + you pay before regrade.
- I can not guarantee success. Praise to your RNG gods for that.

Do you think that is a scam?
Do you really think I would scam anybody after posting offer on official board? I'm EU player playing on NA only for APEX. I can record for YouTube / Stream regrading process.

Send me message here or in-game on character "Raiv". I'm playing on East side so if you are West side player you have to do everything by mails.

1500g per Charm OR 4 APEX per Charm.

07-01-2015, 05:32 AM
That's seriously first forum where you can't use word "BUMP" to refresh your topic on list and I've got warning for that. But ok, if "archeage" Administrator wants something else than "Bump spam" - here you go:

A bit of ArcheAge lore:

A time in which Humans, Elves, the Ferre, Dwarves, and the Warborn lived in harmony.

The twelve heroes featured in the novels "The Fir and the Hawk" and "The Heirs" lived in a period of time that took place 2,000 years ago in ArcheAge's world. There was an age older than even that, in which the Ipna and Nachasui races lived. The Ipna and Nachasui were part of a noble civilization, and were considered higher races. The Nachasui were, however, evil, and as such they were sealed away by the Ipna. The last king of the Ipna remains in the Ancient Forest.
A bit of AION Lore:

Part 1 - The tower of Eternity
The creation of Atreia remains a mystery even to its earliest inhabitants. The existence of Aion, the powerful entity who created it, exists as the only immutable fact surrounding the celestial event. An ageless deity with authority over the cosmos, Aion took the shape of a colossal tower as it presided over the formation of Atreia, and its earliest species, called the Drakan. As a master watchmaker would construct an elegant timepiece, Aion molded and shaped every mountain, valley and continent on the planet.

I hope that's enough of constructive community because most of the people don't know Lore. More of lore in future "BUMPs"

07-03-2015, 05:28 PM
Still both of Bound Destruction Preventive Charms are for sell.

A bit more of ArcheAge lore:

The Ipna pursued the Nachasui for nearly 1,000 years, chasing the Nachasui to the new world. The Ipna brought their magic with them, and their legacy remains as a strong influence in Elven society, both spiritually and culturally.

Another ancient race called the Nuon existed in what is now known as the continent of Nuia, and their ruins can be found in Gweonid.

A bit more of AION Lore:

In its nativity, the world of Atreia stood as the pinnacle of creation. Beautiful and pure, life flourished within the interior of the planet where Aion had positioned itself as a wondrous structure known as The Tower of Eternity. The Tower pierced the sky and connected one side of the world to the other. A monument to the greatness of Aion, The Tower of Eternity eclipsed everything on Atreia.

07-03-2015, 07:59 PM
I've SOLD both of "Bound Destruction Preventive Charms"

With the contest of the buyer I've upload both movies recorded for YouTube to prove that wasn't scam.

1st attempt:
(thanks to YT there will be some weird sounds because they don't know how to remove song and I was too lazy for reupload video)

2nd attempt:

And 2 screenshots without nicks of people who thought it was a scam (only from today :D):


Interested about ArcheAge and AION Lore? Check links: