View Full Version : ArcheAge don`t start after the new patch

06-24-2015, 12:42 AM
Good morning dear community ,

I am writing because of two questions to a technical problem with ArcheAge to you .

Firstly, I have , as always, with my x64 system ( OS Win 7 ) the problem that he does not want to recognize the Crynetwork.dll and Cryphysics.dll and I have to re-install this manuel repeatedly . Is there another solution , since it is apparently recognized only on x86 systems without problems , as my experience brings ?

On the other hand , I now have the problem that not times more starts ArcheAge after the new Patch and me indicating the the was Gamefile does not exist : I quote : "Failed to load game data !"

What can I make now ? Reinstall the game ?

Note: My Anti-Virus program is switched off , and start the computer after the patch once again .