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06-29-2015, 03:20 PM
Good luck and godspeed, Scapes!Welcome, Celestra! I only have a couple of pieces of advice: 1. We're not children, even though some of our posts can be relatively childish. Please don't treat us that way. We don't enjoy being talked to as if we're four years old and need to be cajoled and petted. We don't want our hands held while you shield us from the bad things.2. Keep us in the loop, and let us know if something that's happening is something that's being addressed, and don't keep it all "behind the curtain." We can deal with almost anything, but "keeping secrets" isn't one of them. 3. Finally, be present. Don't go for days or weeks without at least jumping in and saying "Hey, Here's a picture of my cat on a tricycle!" When you're not here, we feel like you're deliberately ignoring us and that you have "better things to do..."Welcome to the fire, Celestra! Hope you don't regret jumping out of the frying pan! Answers in order:1. You guys are gamers and the community. You guys are what keeps the game being awesome. I'm more likely to walk through and offer copious high fives than talk down to anyone. Sometimes I may explain things thoroughly so everyone understands what's going on, but any sort of talking down is completely off of the table and slammed into a dumpster.2. I will do my very best to keep y'all in the loop! Transparency is important, and we'll all do our best to keep everyone as updated as we can be. But please understand there will always be situations where we may not be able to be transparent (such as customer service bans and things like that) or situations where we'll be actively investigating a situation. At those points, I'll do my best to let you know action is being taken, and that we're on the case!3. Can you actually help me pose my cat on a tricycle? She always gets grumpy the second I put things on her, like party hats, or little stockings.Thank you for the welcome! And don't worry, I'm from the land of MOBAs. :)

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