View Full Version : Celestrata: So strategic exploits are ok but not regular ones?

07-01-2015, 10:20 AM
So then please explain why those who used the castle exploit to move the castle by kicking everyone from the guild and getting enough infamy to go pirate and thus deactivating the active lodestone allowing the castle to be moved and leaving a big eye sore of the old now defunct castle behind were not banned? Those players gained a distinct, clear, and unfair advantage. This is just one example of how exploits have been mishandled and why players are having problems understanding what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. I am not saying that I want leniency for exploiters, but rather fair treatment of players. Players have been shown by previous examples that unless the exploit is hurting Trions/XLgames wallet, then they don't really care and just call it emergent gameplay. Flying and blendering galleons has been around since launch and nobody was action-ed for it, yet someone using it creatively to glitch a boss fight (okay to glitch morpheus and okay for GHA since launch) they instantly get banned. I am not on the server and it has no bearing on me, and I am sure they knew it was less than honorable, but a perma ban for doing something that Trion has already set precedence as being acceptable is kind of crazy. Sure a temp ban for doing it and removal of gained items makes sense, and a policy to ban anyone doing it in the future would be practical and fair considering the circumstances and precedence that has already been set.This is why we need Trion to be more clear on what is and isn't an exploit. It is Trion who has mishandled previous exploits and set these precedents, and even after saying they would take a hard stance on exploits, they proceeded to ignore the castle moving exploit just reaffirming that Trion will only take a hard stance when it hurts their wallet. So please please please give us some real guidelines or start treating all exploits equally. I will attempt to better understand why past decisions may have been made, but it is my hope to get those guidelines in place as we move forward in the future so that we are all on the same page. And let me immediately shoot down the thought that Trion or XL only care if it hurts our wallet. That is absolutely not how it works. We do endeavor to judge all problems like this equally and make sure we are being fair to players involved, and I will do my best to make sure we are clearly communicating why we make the decisions we do.

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