View Full Version : Celestrata: Who is deleting threads?

07-07-2015, 09:50 AM
Hey guys, just want to step in here for a moment and comment on this.I've found the thread in question and restored it. One of the moderators found it to be in violation of our guidelines (the profanity portion), and that's an accurate assessment. We do not allow profanity here on the boards.As to Aros, the infraction that was assigned threw him over the point limit for a 2 week ban. I have overturned the ban in this specific circumstance, as I have restored the original thread. Please remember that bans are not randomly assigned here on the boards, they are assigned for accumulating a specific number of points. (5 = 72 hour ban, 10 = 1 week ban, 15 = permanent.) More severe infractions cause more points to be added to your account, thus they will ban you from the forums faster. So if you ever wondered why someone got banned for only saying a single curse word, that's the reason -- they gained too many points from consistently breaking the rules over and over again.Just a friendly reminder, please do not use profanity here on the boards. Thank you!

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