View Full Version : Celestrata: Exploits and you: A community guide to what goes, and what doesn’t

07-14-2015, 08:00 AM
Celestrata. You literally have a person in this thread from a guild that used the castle move exploit asking you if they will get in trouble if they found another way to move a castle through unintended gameplay, and you refuse to respond? I appreciate the efforts you've made but can you please respond to the question that Elusios put in this thread? Thank you. We as a team cannot make decisions on "what-ifs." If someone has found another way to exploit castles, then we'd appreciate you reporting it to us directly so we can both make an investigation and then make a decision. I'm sure what people are looking for here is an overturning of the prior decision or some way to set a precedent for the future. Neither has occurred. Each instance needs to be weighed separately. If it has happened again then we will investigate that case against our current definition and we will take action as needed. As to your question, Caveman, our policy is one button press, one action. Your example causes multiple actions (and it also leads into unintended gameplay, which is also against our rules.) That style is not allowed. Please do not do it. Finally, as to the question on the hauler, while it is unfortunate that such a thing can occur, there are also ways around it. I can think of a few off the top of my head. Doing that specific strategy is allowed, but it may change via the game's rules in the future.

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