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07-15-2015, 08:40 AM
It would be very interesting to know more information on how the iteration of the cash-shop happens. Who essentially gets the last say or veto on what goes into it? On paper, that is XL. It is their game, they create the items that go in the shop, and they are the ones responsible for the development. However, that is the paper version. In practice, our two companies frequently discuss proposed items and we use player feedback to tailor the items for our region. I.E. -- Things in our version of ArcheAge are frequently less punishing than the Korean version.However, this is still an evolving process, and I think many people have seen an improvement in the recent items that have come out. We understand that you guys feel that some items are too hard to obtain and some items are too restricted by RNG. These are the things we are currently working with XL to improve, and they are things that Khrolan will cover a bit more in his new Producer's Letter.
Since Mark II and Mark III, the only things you have updated is all related to the pvpers... And nothing new about how your going to make it less painful for us land owners... Absolutely nothing... You don't reply to when landowners ask about progress for making it less painful for us. But everything else gets answered.So please tell us what your going to do for the landowners. Because as of the first mention of mergers you have ignored landowners and pushed updates for pvpers...So how are you going to make this process less painful for us?? Simply because a question gets answered first does not mean it was more important to us -- it means that the answer was ready first. Land ownership, unlike PvP, is much trickier to handle due to the nature of ArcheAge. We are still working through what we will be doing for land owners and how we will be proceeding there, and when we get an answer we will be sure to offer it to everyone.
Testing marketplace items on the PTS is a good idea, however it doesnt take a brain surgeon, or a mob of angry PTS players to recognize which new marketplace item is cosmetic only, economy impacting, or P2W. The fact that there are items in each of these categories almost every patch, gives us the impression that introducing items in each of these categories to marketplace is Trion's intention.Items that go on the PTS do have a chance of making it into the game, yes. However, we do take the things said in those threads to XL, as it's what you guys say that helps influence how an item appears, or how an item may not appear in the game.
The server merge Q&A isn't making any progress on the problems that really matter, Celes. Trion still refuses to concede to the need for pre-merge transfers, stonewalling it with the excuse that they don't have the means to do it before the merges happen. What's stopping you from acquiring/developing said means, postponing the hard merge, and doing transfers in the interim?After reading this, I'm not sure if you have seen our latest transfer FAQ. While it is not easy, we are arranging for pre-merge transfers because so many people have requested them. This was not a stonewall -- we did have to arrange the technical capabilities in order to support this with pre-2.0 servers. We are very excited that we are able to offer this to those who are affected by the evolution.Pre-merge/evolution transfers will be limited to evolution candidate servers only, however. Those players will be able to choose to transfer to a non-evolution candidate server of their choice on their specific region. This specific set of transfers will be free.
...additional? Your last line seems unfinished.But thank you very much for the response. I'm amazed.Ah, looks like my post was too long for the forums and got cut off. My bad. :(

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