View Full Version : Celestrata: @ Celestrata Whats the status of the Ironclad

07-20-2015, 09:20 AM
Yeah it looks like they/Celestrata is just going to Ignore us and hope we just give up. Its pissing me off now. If they had just said 2-3 months ago they were not going to do anything i/we could have just binned the Ironclad and built a wheeled Mortar in its place, which looks the same as the Ironclad, take the same mats to make as the Ironclad, has the old damage output as the Ironclad and never got nerfed like the Ironclad Its great how they ignore the honest payers but give all the attention to those why cheat and abuse the game mechanics. Wow, it's been a day, and it was a weekend. Relax guys. It's Monday now, I'm in the office, and I'll ask as to why the damage was brought down. ;)

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