View Full Version : Celestrata: 7/19/15 -- Unplanned Downtime: Aranzeb [UPDATED: 11:49 AM PDT, Monday, July 20]

07-20-2015, 11:50 AM
That's part of the real question. The other part is what was the "root cause"? Though it was before your time, Cele, Trion promised transparency. I'd sure like to see some of that right about now.Thanks in advance... So the root cause comes down to a single account. A single player has a small bit of invalid data attached to his account that was most likely created by accident through no action by the user. When he attempts to log into the server, he brings down the whole thing with him.Luckily this player realized that he may have been contributing to Aranzeb's downtimes, and he contacted us on Sunday regarding his account. We banned him to look into it. Today, in order to verify for certain that it was his account creating the crashes, we logged his account into Aranzeb while the rest of the team was standing at the ready. The result is today's crash.His account will be placed back into a banned state, and we will be working with the player directly to help fix this situation. We are also following up with XL regarding this matter and will be working closely with them to get it resolved.

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